Taste Washington 2012 Day One

Treveri sparklers were captivating - that's a sparkling Syrah in my glass.

Yesterday, I attended day one of Taste Washington in Seattle, Washington. With 200 Washington wineries present and pouring, I made a list this year of who to visit. This is my third time attending Taste Washington, so I'm applying my lessons learned:

How to Taste at Taste (revised 20 April 2012 - see #5)

1. Have a list of wineries to visit. My "must not miss" list.
(I have posted this list of wineries and included my favorite wines of Taste Washington 2012)
2. Dark shirt to avoid any visible drips or spills.
3. Spit, spit, spit, so I can appreciate all of the wonderful wines and still walk and talk.
4. Eat and hydrate. An easy task if you pace yourself. I take a break every hour.
#5. I forgot this step - What to do in Seattle After Taste Washington! 

Winemaker Anna Schafer of aMaurice Cellars, Walla Walla.
She is making spectacular wines, do not miss visiting.

I consider yesterday a success. I was able to visit with 16 wineries/winemakers, and sample a total of 53 wonderful wines. With written notes too and photos.

So many wonderful Washington wines were poured yesterday.

My strongest impression of yesterday? Quality, quality, passion. I liked every wine I sampled yesterday, some I even adored. I don't have time this morning, before day two of Taste Washington, to delve in detail about the wines I liked and which ones I really, really liked. That's for later. Today I have 13 more wineries on my must visit list. I will try to get to the oysters today too.

Don't drive after Taste Washington. Many forms of transportation are available.

This year, Taste Washington expanded wine tasting to two days. The event, as usual, was well organized, well attended, and a great deal of fun.

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