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2007 Kung Fu Girl Riesling

K Vintners – 2007 Kung Fu Girl Riesling another recommended wine made by Charles Smith. Don't you love the label? I missed sampling this wine at Taste Washington , so I felt I owed it to myself to try a bottle at home. Washington is well known for Riesling - we have the perfect climate for growing the varietal. And Riesling was one of the states first widely successful wines in the 1970's - 1980's. With the increased focus on red wine grape varietals and all things Chardonnay in the 1990's, Rieslings popularity faded. A focus on Late Harvest Rieslings and Ice Wine production meant that dry Rieslings were largely ignored. But that has changed. I've noticed a Riesling renaissance occurring over the last eight years. The popularity of Chardonnay has proportionally decreased as the popularity of Riesling has increased. Some growers have been replacing Chardonnay vineyards with new Rieslings vineyards. Many great Rieslings are being produced in Washington -j

Spring Barrel Tasting - Columbia Valley

Columbia Valley Spring Barrel Tasting April 25 -27, 2008 This is Spring Barrel Tasting weekend in the Yakima Valley. Winemakers and cellar staff who are on hand will share insights and answer questions on the winemaking process. This is the first year in the last couple of years that I'm not pouring on Spring Barrel weekend. FYI - Saturday is just CRAZY busy. If you want smaller crowds, and would rather talk about wine, more than drink wine, then Sunday is the day for you. The serious wine enthusiasts are out on Sunday. I've met some sharp people Spring Barrel weekend. Hope you can make it over this way. The following weekend should be Walla Walla barrel tasting weekend. Many of the 50 participating wineries make special efforts to enhance the wine tasting experience by adding delicious cheese, sauces, salsas, and even desserts to the mix along with special tastings and education. For more information visit or call 800-258-7272. Cheers! William

Back from Taste Washington Seattle

Taste Washington Seattle, April 6, 2008 Grand Tasting Today is Wednesday, but Sunday still resonates with me. Sunday was Taste Washington Seattle , “the ultimate wine experience” which showcased an amazing assemblage of Washington’s best Wineries and Restaurants. The Washington Wine Commission is the Host for Taste Washington. Although this was a two day event, I attended only on Sunday for the Grand Tasting. I have to say that this was absolutely the best wine event I have ever had the honor to participate in as a Washington Wine Ambassador . I was a volunteer at the Washington Wine Ambassador booth. Washington Wine Ambassador Program The Washington Wine Commission established the Washington Wine Ambassador program for Washington wine enthusiasts like yours truly. I became a Washington Wine Ambassador in 2006. As a wine ambassador you have many opportunities to educate others about Washington wine, volunteer and support the Washington wine industry, pour at event