Sample Policy

Photo: William Pollard Jr

Yes - I do accept wine samples. Wine received as a sample will be noted as such in my review. Sending a sample does not guarantee I will write about it. My wine reviews are about wines I enjoyed and appreciated.

I do not write negative wine reviews.

If I suspect a sample wine is flawed, I will contact the winery/distributor/importer.

While the focus of this blog is Washington wine, I enjoy expanding my palate and expanding my interests and passions for wine. Therefore, I do accept and review wine from all over the world. Writing about wine provides me an opportunity to educate myself and others about grape varieties, wine styles, wine regions, technology and history. If I like a wine or a wine related topic and it provides an opportunity to be instructive, I will want to write about it.

Occasionally, I am invited to attend wine events as a media guest/wine blogger. When I write about these events I note in my post if I received complimentary admittance.

For information on how to ship samples please contact me via email:

William Pollard Jr,

Bottle Shock Worries?

Bottle Shock is not an indicator of quality, it is a temporary condition. When wine is shipped to me I let it rest for at least a week to recover - before I open the bottle.

"When a wine is bottled or subjected to other forms of handling and transport (shipping) it goes through a temporary phase called bottle shock, also known as wine sickness."

"The aromatics may be muted; the flavor components disjointed and the alcohol and tannins can
taste sharper and overwhelming. This is thought to be due to the agitation of the wine and or its exposure to excess levels of oxygen during the bottling process. If the wine is filtered, it needs even more time to come back together."  - Source:

All the best - William