William Pollard Jr.

“What is wine? Wine is food, wine is life.”

After two decades of living in eastern Washington, observing the rapid growth of the local wine industry, I naturally developed an appreciation for wine, especially Washington wine. In 2005 I began working for one of my favorite family owned Washington wineries.

Working in the wine industry

Working at a winery was full immersion into the business of hand-selling wine. A humbling experience, but I quickly began filling in my knowledge gaps, and gained more and more confidence. I learned I loved selling wine and sharing my passion for wine. A myriad of wine industry and customer interactions had my head full of new knowledge and insights regarding wine. The door was open. 

Writing about wine

After a year of working in the tasting room and following much deliberation, I decided to create this wine blog in December 2006. Writing for this blog has become my platform for sharing my passions about wine. It is my outlet, and an indispensable tool. Writing also settles down the thoughts swirling in my head, so I can sleep at night. When I can't sleep, I write.

I enjoy sharing the stories of wine and talking about regional wines, wineries, winemakers, vineyards, climate and history. A few years ago, I shared with Jane Pearson of Tapteil Vineyards a question asked of me by a visitor from China. "What is wine?" Her response was immediate, “Wine is food, wine is life.” Those are words I can live by. Go visit wine country and create your own  wine experiences.
The Wine Muse.


Today, I review a world of wine and wine products. I no longer limit myself to Washington wine. I believe, that in order to understand how good Washington wine is, very good, it is important to know the world of wine and to put Washington wine in context. Not as good vs bad, but as different vs different, and how those differences can be equally good.

It is a privilege to taste, sample, experience and review wine. Over the years I have built a mental image of what wine means to me. The more wine I experience, the more I want to experience. There is a world of wine waiting to be discovered.


If you have followed along with the Wine Muse podcast show I have co-hosted, then you know that 17 September 2015 was our last show. It was a pleasure and honor to speak with winemakers around the world. Many thanks to Linda Rez for inviting me to share my passion for wine. As the Wine Muse show evolved, we added conversations with winemakers and special wine industry guests. We expanded our knowledge and awareness of wine. It was a lot of fun and worthwhile. My mental image of wine continues to evolve. Here's a link to the list of our past shows and links for listening.


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Wine Experiences and Employment

Wine Industry Employment

  • 2015 September - Present, Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center, Wine Educator, Prossser, WA. Centrally located in the heart of Washington wine country. A must-see, learning center that promotes Washington State wine and food by actively engaging visitors to learn, experience and appreciate the quality and diversity of its wine and food products. 
  • 2005 – 2007, Barnard Griffin Winery Richland, WA, Tasting Room HospitalityResponsibilities included: Being gracious and welcoming, while assisting customers with wine tasting, selection, product presentation, stocking and shipping. Managed shift schedules for tasting room employees. Assisted with wine club orders and shipments. Opened and closed the tasting room. Used Vin Balance POS (point of sale), exceptional customer service, growing wine knowledge (how Washington wines are unique, wine tasting 101, wine faults). Conversant on Washington wine industry, including: varietals, appellations, climate and soil. Enthusiastic and customer driven employee. Loved the wines, loved sharing the wines with customers. 

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