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Psagot 2013 Edom from Jerusalem Mountain Vineyard - Kosher Wine

A Kosher Wine not just for the High Holy Days Psagot winery was founded in 2003 by Yaakov and Naama Berg. By 2013 annual production was up to 200,000 bottles. Vineyards are located on limestone terraces 900 meters above sea level in the settlement of "Psagot" in Binyamin. The winery is located in a beautiful stone structure overlooking the Kelt Wadi and the mountains of Edom surrounding Jerusalem. Psagot Winery ages its wines in an ancient underground cave that was used for wine-making in the Second Temple period. I'm naturally fascinated by wines sourced from ancient winemaking locations. The wine making traditions of Israel go back millennia. Naturally, our human heritage has been influenced by wine and winemaking, for longer than many assume. I have strong opinions on this subject. Would we be who we are today without wine? Philosophical question aside, it is with pleasure I share my first Kosher wine review on this blog. "Winemaker Yaakov Oryah has creat