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Washington Merlot Blind Tasting Inspiration

Reminded and Renewed by Guests Where does inspiration come from? For me, it has been driven by a passion for wine and my many wine industry and customer interactions. This month, I have been reminded by my guests at the Walter Clore Center, the reason why I originally began working for and writing about the wine industry. “This is the definition of Merlot.” Regular readers and Instagram followers, @wild4wawine , know that for the last two years I have worked at the Walter Wine and Culinary Center in Prosser, Washington. Last year, 2017, we expanded our wine education programming. We went from hosting one blind tasting a month in 2016, to weekly wine education tastings every Saturday, plus a “Bubbles and Bites” sparkling wine and food pairing session one Sunday a month. We have retained our first Thursday evening blind tasting, hosted on the first Thursday of each month. Please note that we changed the start time this year, it now begins one hour later at 7 pm instead of 6 pm