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Reflections on a Year of Wine

As eager as I am to start writing about 2016, I feel compelled to reflect on my 2015 wine experiences and writing efforts. Last year was full of wonderful conversations and many bottles of wine. It was also a year of change. My sincerest thanks to everyone I interacted with and for the discussions revolving around wine. I look forward to an exciting and tasty 2016. - William ~.~ 1. January This month featured my most personal post of 2015. A Resolution For Greek Wine, A Recipe For Avgolemeno #WinePW8 @DOMAINESKOURAS In January, I wrote about Emmanuel Brokos. He was from the island of Crete and my step-grandfather. There were several reasons why I wrote about him. For one, it was for the 8th Wine Pairing Weekend twitter session #WinePW . We were tasked to write about a wine region we wanted to explore along with a related recipe and wine. The Greek wine I chose was very good. The Avgolemeno chicken soup was wonderful and the recipe was fun to follow. The story about my