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Charles Smith Wines 2015 Boom Boom Syrah Takes Me Home

Some wines just taste like home. You know that question? The one where you're asked, " If you were stranded on a desert island, and had only one wine to drink, every day, which wine would it be ?" My first response is always, " Champagne! " and my second response, " Washington Syrah! " Syrah, Washington Syrah, offers a tremendous amount of complexity, in aromatics and flavors. Washington Syrah is reflective of place, and shows a tremendous amount of variation from vineyard to vineyard site. So, don't expect all Washington Syrah's to taste the same. They don't! And I believe that's good. I love the diversity of styles, and even the nuance of some of the blends being produced. This wine today hit my sweet spot, particularly on day one. The 2015 Charles Smith Wines Boom Boom Syrah is exceptionally good. Even better at a reasonable retail price below $20. Plus, it tastes of Washington, it tastes of home. And it was difficult not

g3 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate Bottled by Goose Ridge Vineyards

Showing well today, with even better potential. Whenever I drive to work in Prosser, I pass the extensive Goose Ridge estate vineyards. The production facility is visible in the background from the highway. Their local tasting room is on Dallas Road in Richland. A cozy place, with a Bocce ball court and a wide open lawn perfect for events and sunsets. "I strongly recommend purchasing a case or two for your home..." Goose Ridge Vineyards was founded by the Monson Family in 1999. Goose Ridge is an estate winery dedicated to handcrafting wines from grapes grown on their 2,200 acre vineyard. This is the first Goose Ridge  g3 I have experienced made by Winemaker Andrew Wilson. I have previously enjoyed the Tall Sage wines he makes too. It is always a pleasure to drink and review Goose Ridge wines. I've been enjoying them for almost two decades. I hope the g3 Cabernet Sauvignon is available where you live, so you can enjoy it too. With 12 years previous winema

Delille Cellars 2015 Chaleur Blanc a True Northwest Classic!

It was almost impossible to review this wine. My wife kept taking the bottle. Reviewing the Delille Cellars 2015 Chaleur Blanc white wine was challenging. I should mention that I first reviewed the 2015 vintage in October of 2016 . Loved it then too. This time, I thought I'd share with my wife while I was taking notes. Mistake? Before I knew it, half the bottle was gone, and I was only just started on my notes! "Truly a Northwest classic!" I had to hide the bottle just to save some wine for my day two notes and for photographs. She loved the Chaleur Blanc! Note to self, " Delille Cellars Chaleur Blanc is now one of my wife's favorite wines. Don't forget. " That is strong recommendation for this wine. From both of us! 2015 Chaleur Blanc by Delille Cellars. Tasting Notes Nose : Delicious toast, white flower, minerality, citrus. Palate : Good weight, creaminess, tart citrus and toast, lime skin, nice spike of acid mid-palate, leaned

Drink Washington State 2014 Walla Walla Carmenere Done Proper!

Drink Washington State 2014 Walla Walla Carmenere is all about comfort food. I've been a fan of Walla Walla winemaker Brad Binko and his wines for two years. His first label is " Eternal Wines " his second label is " Drink Washington State ." Both labels are reflective of his passion for wine and quality winemaking. Winemaker Brad Binko pouring for guests. Brad also has a cool, not to miss tasting room in downtown Walla Walla. You will find he's not only a passionate winemaker, but also very into music. He brings in live music weekly to his tasting room. So, if you want to enjoy wonderful wines and cool music, his tasting room is the place to be. "It is key to remember that Carmenere is spicy and should be treated as a condiment or seasoning. So be careful when seasoning your food.." Over the last two years, I have also become if not fond, at least I've begun to understand and embrace Carmenere. Especially, Carmenere done the W

Pacific Rim 2016 Columbia Valley Riesling - Two Styles with Unlimited Enjoyment

Versatile Rieslings, perfect for drinking and pairing. I've become excited about Washington Riesling wine all over again. Riesling wine is truly one of the most versatile white wines out there. Specifically, the dry and semi-sweet styles of Riesling have an almost unlimited potential for drinking and food pairing enjoyment. And are so, my speed. Today it is one of the fastest growing white varieties in the industry. Case in point, not only are the Pacific Rim Rieslings fresh and delicious, but they have complexity, variation of style and a vibrant character which makes them eminently drinkable and friendly food wines. And one of the biggest secrets about Columbia Valley Rieslings, is that they can be aged for years and will continue to develop wonderful aromatic and flavor characteristics. Young, or aged, Pacific Rim Wines Columbia Valley Riesling is to be sought out. Eminently drinkable wines and wonderful with food. Pacific Rim Wines  is well known for making Wash

Sharing the Love for New Zealand Pinot Noir - Loveblock 2013 Pinot Noir from Central Otago

My second experience with Loveblock Pinot Noir. Above the snow capped mountains of Central Otago, on the Bendigo Loop Road, lies a small Pinot Noir vineyard named " Someone's Darling. " Loveblock farms and grows these grapes in accordance with Organic Certification standards, Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand principles and low chemical intervention. Kim and Erica Crawford founded Loveblock wines . They tend to go by their first names when promoting Loveblock to avoid confusion with the well known company they sold and are no longer involved with - Kim Crawford. Loveblock is their return to the New Zealand wine industry. Erica is the founder and CEO and her husband Kim is the winemaker. Riedel stemware to properly show this New Zealand Pinot Noir. Tasting Notes Color : Medium ruby. Nose : Medium minus intensity, red fruit, sour, earthy, raspberry, smoke. Palate : Medium intensity, very dry, medium plus tannin, medium body, smokiness, dried raspberries