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July Wine Picks

Catching Up with July It was my good fortune last month to sample many excellent Washington wines. I'm including a few pics of some of the wines I enjoyed. This list is certainly not complete, but I don't snap photos of every bottle I drink. Some of the bottles you don't see here, that must be mentioned, include: Fidelitas and Kestrel. My palette must be shifting around, as I really enjoyed both Kestrel and Fidelitas wines - several bottles mind you - just to be sure. Fidelitas: Kestrel: Here are some photos in no particular order. Hightower Cellars - located on Red Mountain, I enjoyed their 2006 Pepper Bridge, Walla Walla red wine with friends - it was fricking awesome - go find some and enjoy. Check out their tasting room if you are in the area. Tim and Kelly Hightower are a blast to visit with. Hightower Cellars: Goose Ridge, g3 2006 Red Wine, a tasty red with a good dose of Syrah.