July Wine Picks

Catching Up with July

It was my good fortune last month to sample many excellent Washington wines. I'm including a few pics of some of the wines I enjoyed. This list is certainly not complete, but I don't snap photos of every bottle I drink.

Some of the bottles you don't see here, that must be mentioned, include: Fidelitas and Kestrel. My palette must be shifting around, as I really enjoyed both Kestrel and Fidelitas wines - several bottles mind you - just to be sure.

Fidelitas: http://www.fidelitaswines.com/
Kestrel: http://www.kestrelwines.com/

Here are some photos in no particular order.

Hightower Cellars - located on Red Mountain, I enjoyed their 2006 Pepper Bridge, Walla Walla red wine with friends - it was fricking awesome - go find some and enjoy. Check out their tasting room if you are in the area. Tim and Kelly Hightower are a blast to visit with.

Hightower Cellars: http://hightowercellars.com/

Goose Ridge, g3 2006 Red Wine, a tasty red with a good dose of Syrah. Their 2005 Red Wine was a stunner, but the 2006 g3 is what I could find in town. Give this bottle another year and I think it will be as good as the 2005 is now. About $13 in Washington state.

Tasting notes: Goose Ridge g3 - 49% Syrah (my usual favorite), 35% Merlot (love Washington Merlot) and 16% Malbec (keeps it bright). Lovely deep violet color, slightly earthy, smoky, cooked berry, rounded nose... which carries all the way through and into the finish. It keeps getting bigger the longer it is open. Smooth, not heavy, but bright. I'm thinking prosciutto, cheese and the usual crusty bread or a very tender fillet mignon or Kobe beef.
Gooseridge: www.gooseridge.com/

Chateau St. Michelle, 2008 Sauvignon Blanc, while not my first choice in wines, I really liked this Sauvignon Blanc - crisp, tasty, not heavy and great summer drink. Reasonably priced too.

Barnard Griffin, 2006 Zinfandel, I bought this one at the winery. In the summer they had 5 for $5 at 5 on Wednesdays... Which translated to fives tastes for five bucks after 5 PM on Wednesday - and some great conversation too. Loved the licorice down the middle. Summer would not be complete without Barnard Griffin wines.

Barnard Griffin: www.barnardgriffin.com/

I was not feeling well in July, so my list is incomplete and lacks my usual luster and detail. I'm filling in additional notes as time and inclination permit.


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