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Seeking Comfort and Comfort Foods

December - December brings cold, and clouds to the Columbia valley. The chilly overcast weather demands layers of clothing, frequent use of the fireplace and a change of diet. At times like these, I crave my favorite comfort foods. Something which satisfies the mind and senses and lingers longer than usual. Today was a bit warmer, temperature in the upper 40's, a perfect opportunity for yard work and a chance to clean the grill. I use my gas grill all year long so a cleaning was overdue. After a lot of elbow grease, and other types of grease, my grill was looking pretty good. So good, I thought it was time to grill up some brats! I ran to the store and grabbed some brat buns to do them right. Just before I pulled the brats off of the grill, I brushed some olive oil over the buns and heated them in the oven for 4 minutes, just long enough to warm them up and slightly toast them. Oh yeah, they looked good. So, which wine did I pair the brats with? I grabbed a wine full of comforta

Catching Up - Brief Update

Hello all. I find myself posting a bit more frequently to Facebook. If you are on Facebook, search for the Group, "Wild 4 Washington Wine". In brief, my allergies this fall combined with back to back colds, essentially crippled my ability to appreciate red wine from the end of September, through October, into the first week of November. This largely explains my lack of posts. Now that my taster and sniffer are working again, I'll try to get some wine reviews posted here. Hope you are well and enjoying family, friends, life and wine of course. Season Cheers!