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Red Mountain AVA Alliance Block Party 2013

There's a party at the end of the month you don't want to miss.  The Red Mountain AVA Alliance Block Party! Red Mountain AVA Alliance presents the second annual Red Mountain AVA Block Party on Saturday, September 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are $40 each available online at This all day wine event will be held on Red Mountain, located in SE Washington, just minutes from the city of Richland. I missed the first Red Mountain Block Party last year, I'm not missing out this year. I was told by friends that it was an amazing day of wine, food and wine education.

Wines Mentioned on Monday Muse - Blog Talk Radio "The Book Thief, Blue Cheese, & Cheap Wine"

Monday night I was invited to talk about "cheap" wine by Linda Reznicek of Minstrel and Muse . Linda hosts her talk show on Monday evenings. This was my first time speaking on a live audio stream. Yes, it was tough for Linda to shut me up. I did not mention all the wines I wanted due to time constraints. Below is a list of the wines I mentioned, as well as some of the wines I neglected to point out. Note: Wines with good QPR (Quality Price Ratio) have High Quality and a Low Price. All of the wines below are quality wines I would enjoy drinking and sharing with family and friends. They are at attractive price points, also referred to as wines having “Great QPR” *(Quality-Price Ratio). This is not a definitive list, just the list I was prepared to discuss.