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4. Cuisine of Catalunya a Return Home

Seafood at the market in Palamós. This is Part 4 of my series of posts about my visit to Catalunya, the food portion. Naturally, there was always Catalan wine with lunch and dinner. You can jump to the Outline if needed. Those of you who have been reading along, by now you know I was affected by my time in Catalunya. As I've stated many times in the past five posts, there is much to share. Part 4 If there is one aspect of Catalan lifestyle I miss daily, it is the food. The delicious cuina/cuisine of Catalunya which embraces and showcases the food of the sea and land. I found many dishes recognizable, while others were new creations inspired by centuries of multi-cultural interactions and humble living. I ate very well. And I want more. My sincerest thanks to all the Chefs. Bravo! "Manel and I drank a bottle of Vino Verdejo the morning I arrived. We snacked on bread sticks, olives, cheese and tapanad. Then we headed out for lunch at el Coro." William Pollard Jr