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8th Annual Rosé Revival & Cool Whites

Not to miss event: Rosé Revival June 2nd, 6 - 9 PM At: Ray's Boathouse, 6049 Seaview Ave. NW, Seattle WA See the list of participating wineries below. This summer wine event features Washington State dry roses and white wines. I'm a huge Washington Rosé fan, and this is a not to be missed event. Perfect opportunity to get "tuned-in" to some wines you might not know. Tickets are 35.00/person from Proceeds support Ryther Child Center.

Walla Walla Wine Incubators

Success Fostering Success Architect Ed Luebben was my companion last Saturday in Walla Walla. I've known Ed for almost 20 years. We worked for the same company for twelve years and still keep in touch. As an Architect, Ed has designed many Washington wineries. He even moved to Walla Walla to keep in better contact with his winery clients. Ed now lives in the Tri-Cities and continues to work on a variety of architectural projects - including wineries. Architect Ed Luebben.   Some of the facilities Ed designed include, Garrison Creek Cellars, Northstar Winery, the Enology and Viticulture facility at Walla Walla Community College and the Walla Walla Wine Incubator. Ed and I planned to make the trip to Walla Walla two years ago, we made good this year. Not only did Ed drive, he also introduced me to some of the best winemakers in the industry (more in my next couple of posts). Adamant Cellars. Wine Incubator If you've spent any time talking with me about Washi

Walla Walla Wonder - Kontos Cellars

Last Saturday, we wrapped up our five hour Walla Walla visit at Kontos Cellars, located at the Wine Incubator. Chris Kontos poured for us, and talked about how his brother Cameron Kontos makes the wine. I also learned that their father is the winemaker for Fort Walla Walla Cellars. Yes, they have the winemaking spirit in the family. Here's a Quote from their Website "Inspired by our father Cliff Kontos of Fort Walla Walla Cellars. We began dreaming of this journey on the crush pad of Forgeron Cellars, amongst the wheat fields overlooking the Touchet River, and relaxing in the hot tub sampling Walla Walla's finest on frigid winter nights." Highlights Kontos 2009 Gossamer White is a blend of Chardonnay, Viognier and Roussanne - what a stunner - it would make for a great Mother's Day gift. The Kontos 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon is a big dry wine, dark fruit flavors, with a wine cellar finish. The fruit is from Pepper Bridge vineyard. Pair this big bad boy with

Ruby Ruth Rose' Walla Walla Wonderful

Walla Walla was wonderful yesterday. The rain, hail and cool weather only added to the experience. What's going on in Walla Walla??? A lot my friends. My eyes were opened and my palate re-awakened. This is just one of several posts about my great day in Walla Walla yesterday. Tonight, I'm enjoying Adamant Cellars 2009 Ruby Ruth Rose' Ruby Ruth has a clear, candy red color, nose is floral/citrus/and not quite cherry or strawberry (rhubarb?) with a whiff of tobacco, fills the mouth, focused up front (lip smacking) again qualities of cherry and strawberry (rhubarb?) some vanilla, as the finish drifts towards the back and roof of the mouth. Heaviest WA Rose' I remember, drinks more like a red wine. Boy that's good. Buy some now before it's all gone. Devin Stinger pouring Sunday *FYI: Saturday, we ended our visit at the Walla Walla Wine Incubator. We only visited 2 of the 5 wineries. But what a visit. Devin Stinger of Adamant Cellars was one of the first &q