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2006 Leonetti Merlot - It's Grand Ducky!

Pain with Pleasure Thursday I saw the dentist about a tooth with an old filling and a crack. Yet another crown destined for my mouth. The tooth was drilled, shaped, and packed, a temporary crown put in place. It felt like a cold piece of steel planted in my jaw, next to my ear canal. Bummer. When my wife said, "Let's open a bottle of Leonetti for our friends." I instantly perked up and forgot my pain - at least as long as the wine lasted. This was Walla Walla wine night at our house. We were fortunate to share a great evening with great friends. I opened a bottle of 2005 Waterbrook Meritage and a bottle of 2006 Leonetti Merlot. We began with the Waterbrook Meritage, a light red, very easy to drink and a good wine to get the appetite rolling. We had plenty left to pair with dinner; grilled steaks, home made mac and cheese, greek salad and garlic bread. I decanted the Leonetti while we enjoyed our conversation. If you are familiar with Walla Walla wines, then you kno