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Magnificent Wine Company! Syrah Columbia Valley 2007

There’s no question as to what’s in this bottle – 100% Syrah. I’ve been off Syrah for a few months, so I was happy that this bottle turned me around. I’m grooving on Washington Syrah again. You’ll be thrilled by this wine immediately after opening it. The nose is instantly interesting, qualities that only improve over the next couple of hours. I found this to be a very enjoyable Washington Syrah. I loved the inky color and the rich, almost oily mouth feel. There’s tobacco, tarragon and dark fruit – love it. When my glass was empty, I was left pleased and purpled (just don’t wear white or sit next to any lightly colored furniture – you’ve been warned). I don’t know why, but I’m always extra partial to odd year vintages. This 2007 Syrah gets big points in my book. Found this bottle locally for less than $20. Magnificent Wine Company! Syrah Columbia Valley 2007 is another wonderful example of a Washington Syrah. Recommended.

Honesty on the Label - 2006 Honorable Cabernet Sauvignon

Living Up to His Name Although I have not posted recently, don't think for a second that I'm not imbibing Washington wines. I am, but, I should mention that my palate has become a bit, "acid sensitive" - which means some wines just taste too sharp for me to appreciate. Even with my current picky palate, I have found some wines I can honestly recommend. One of the wines you should go find is the 2006 Honorable Cabernet Sauvignon by Charles Smith. Don't you love the label? The 2006 HCS went really well with baby back ribs, so it's a food friendly pairing. This wine was smoky/spicy, with cherry/vanilla and pleasantly dry. Not a meek wine, not a monster wine, but an honorable presentation of what a decent Washington Cabernet Sauvignon should be. Priced between $11 and $16 it is also a great value. The wine is made by Charles Smith in Matawa, Washington (Walla Walla). I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Smith last year at Taste Washington Seattle, he always ha