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A Taste of New Zealand, Loveblock 2012 Pinot Noir Central Otago @Loveblockwine

Are you New Zealand wine experienced?  There is a reason I became of fan of New Zealand wine. New Zealand Pinot Noir turned my head and grabbed my attention by its aspects of quality. Namely, the captivating complexity of aroma, flavor and unique expression of terroir. Yes, I have a soft spot for New Zealand Pinot Noir. In 2012 I started a New Zealand wine blog with Julie Crompe. We call it "Kiwi Daydreaming" which reflects our passion for New Zealand wine and a mutual desire (daydream) to travel New Zealand. Sadly, we don't receive many bottles of New Zealand wine to keep the blog very active. Until today! This time of year is associated with love and romance. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a delicious bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir? Impressive at open and even better as it breathed, it was a sincere pleasure to review this lovely New Zealand wine from Loveblock Vintners Ltd . Above the snow capped mountains of Central Otago, on the