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Event: Lake Chelan Hosts "Red Wine and Chocolate" It's about Romance

Celebrate the Month of Love with Artisan Wine and Chocolate Pairings, February 8-9 and February 15-16  In February, the Lake Chelan Wine Valley will host Red Wine and Chocolate. Tasting rooms will fill with locals and visitors will taste red wine and sample chocolate pairings on romantic outings or as much-needed winter getaways. You don't want to miss this event. Time to book your reservations today. Check out the details at .

How to Taste Wine - Minstrel and Muse

"Wine is a personal experience. So is greatness." - William Pollard Jr. responding to the question, "Can a $15 bottle of wine be great?" T hank you to Linda of Minstrel and Muse Audio Arts Magazine for inviting me back to share my thoughts on how to taste wine. We discussed the subject of wine tasting at home . Our focus was primarily on how to taste and appreciate red wine, with an emphasis on Malbec. We hope to arrange an online wine tasting with listeners soon. We'll have more information to share as we work out the details. I'm looking forward to this as I love to share my excitement about wine. Plus I love an audience. > Link to Audio Program, "The ABC's of Wine Tasting" . Having worked in a winery tasting room and visited many, I feel qualified to share my feelings on the subject of Wine Tasting. Once the wine is poured in your glass, there is a process to the tasting...