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Elevate Your Wine and Food Pairings with the Wines of Bodegas LAN from Rioja, Spain

How good are the wines of Bodegas LAN?  So good, I’m watching Spanish TV shows and movies to improve my Castillano. A trip to Spain is in my future. I must visit. I must. I’m thrilled to share with you what I have learned about the wines of Bodegas LAN  from Rioja, Spain. These wines were a joy to drink and pair with food. Tasting notes follow. Wine with Food Please My preference for wine has been gently shifting towards food friendly wines. When I taste a wine from a producer I don't know, or a new release from a winery I do know, my first thought is, “ What would I pair with this wine? ” I've learned that the Bodegas LAN wines scream to me, “ Enjoy me with food! ” Boy howdy, do they deliver. While I’ve been drinking wine for decades, four if I’m honest, It’s only since 2005 that I’ve done so with true focus and attention. Working at a winery will tend to do that. My fascination with cooking also parallels my focus on wine. I’ve learned a lot about food and wine