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Wine 101 - Sulfites in Wine. Do You Care?

Are sulfites responsible for red wine allergies? Last year, when I started this blog, my intent was to share my impressions of the best wines Washington wineries had to offer. However, the more involved I become with the Washington wine industry, the more I learn how big the world of wine is. It’s bigger than I realized. Sometimes I learn by experience, reading (my library is growing) and other times I learn out of social embarrassment. Have you ever paid much attention to the “Contains Sulfites ” on the label of a bottle of wine? Neither had I and I ha ve bought, sold and poured many, many bottles. Occasionally, someone passing through the Columbia valley would remark to me, "I only drink white wine, because I'm allergic to sulfites in red wine." My typical response was to smile and nod my head, I did no t know any better to correct them, and I did no t care. This year I began to care. It was the month of May and I was having a great time championing Washington