Wine 101

Antolin Cellars Sensory.
Over the years I have built a mental image of what wine means to me. The more wine I experience, the more I want to experience. There is a world of wine waiting to be discovered.

This is my collection of ongoing discussions about wine and my adventures in wine country. Suitable for beginners and those who want to enhance their understanding of Washington state wine. Many of these posts were generated by wine customer interactions. Content to this page will continue to evolve. Check back for my newest posts.

- William Pollard, Jr.

“Wine is food, wine is life.” Jane Pearson, Tapteil Vineyards

          WINE 101 - THE ESSENTIALS
  1. Wine 101 - Tasting Room Etiquette.
    What you need to  know.
  2. Wine 101 - Visit Washington Wineries a Beginners Guide.
    aka: The best day to go wine tasting.
  3. Wine 101 - Instructions not Included.
    What could be simpler than drinking wine?
  4. Wine 101 - Sulfites in Wine. Do You Care?
    Are sulfites responsible for red wine allergies?
  5. Wine 101 - The Importance of Shape to Wine Appreciation.
    The shape of the glass does affect the aroma and taste of wine...
  6. Sensory Training with Enologist Hillary Sjolund.
    Taking my nose in for an alignment at Fidelitas.

  7. Alternative Wine Closure - Nomacorc Oxygen Management System.
    Nomacorc is one of the leading producers of synthetic cork. The company name and their product are both referred to as Nomacorc.
  8. How to Ruin the Wine Experience - Expectations Not Met.
    Finding fault with a glass cork
  9. Seeking Closure.
    Which wine closure system do you think will dominate the wine industry? 

  10. Woodinville Wine Country - Part 1
    INTRODUCTION Woodinville a First Weekend "No Longer Strangers"
  11. Woodinville Wine Country - Part 2
    RESERVE and North of 95
  12.  Woodinville Wine Country - Part 3
    Willows Lodge and Spa + Wine Director Interview
  13. Woodinville Wine Country - Part 4
    Saturday Wine Tour Hollywood District
  14. Woodinville Wine Country - Part 5
    Sunday Wine Tour Warehouse District

  15. Visit Prosser, Washington, Where The Story of Washington Wine Began.
    Time to discover the birthplace of Washington wine

  16. Decoding My Spanish Wine Fixation.
    Spanish wines shall always have a special meaning for me.
  17. A Resolution For Greek Wine, A Recipe For Avgolemeno #WinePW8.
    My reasons are personal and are related to the passing of my step-grandfather who was from the island of Crete. Consider this post an homage in his memory.
  18. Conversations with Friends, "My Favorite Wine" on the Wine Muse Podcast #winemuse plus a review of a'Maurice Cellars Syrah/Grenache.
    Companion Post for The Wine Muse February Podcast
  19. Hightower Cellars - Red Mountain Bottling Line.
    A View from the Tasting Room Floor Up. First bottling line experience.

Jane Pearson, Tapteil Vineyards.

I enjoy sharing stories of wine and talking about regional wines, wineries, winemakers, vineyards, climate and history. A few years ago I shared with Jane Pearson of Tapteil Vineyards, a question asked of me by a visitor from China, "What is wine?"

Her response was immediate, “Wine is food, wine is life.” Those are words I can live by.

Go visit wine country and create your own  wine experiences.