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Remaining Relevant | A Question of Focus

Reflecting on why I share stories of wine. I think of you often. You the reader, you the fan of wine country, the curious, the knowledgeable, the tourist and the local. Especially since I have not posted anything here since November of last year. So, what's up with me? Some of you know that I sell wine, and host educational wine tastings at the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center (Clore Center) in Prosser, Washington. A big part of the job is sharing my stories and passion for Washington wine, wineries, winemakers and growers. Lately, I can no longer tell the stories of Washington wine, without also sharing the stories on the origin of wine and the history of the grape varieties we now grow in Washington state. "Place is important. Context is important. Point of origin is important. Wine and food pairings are important. It’s all important." I like to connect the dots, which the Clore Centers allows me to do. Often, we will taste and compare Washington wi