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I Changed My Mind

2005 Tamarack Cellars Fire House Red Here’s proof that a little extra time in the bottle helps deliver the goods. On a recommendation, I purchased this wine last summer and was under-whelmed. This year I reluctantly opened another bottle of Fire House Red and was happily surprised to discover a different wine. This wine has some life in it, I enjoyed it over two days (I can occasionally exercise restraint) and strongly recommend you find this wine and try it too. My tasting notes are from the second day (the day before I was too surprised to take notes). The nose: coffee, tobacco and toffee. Good mouth feel – medium dry, a balanced blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – I believe the Syrah really brings out a lot in this wine. Finish: cocoa and cherry, tasty. Drink it while you can find it. Find it in town for under $20. Visit their facility in Walla Walla, Washington - it is on my to do list now. Cheers! Here's a breakdown of the blend and vineyard sources: 31% Cabernet S

Another Fine Syrah from Rob Griffin

2005 Barnard Griffin Syrah Tulip Label I’m a huge fan of Washington Syrah . No winemaker seems to make Syrah alike. Half the fun of wine tasting in Washington is discovering how each winemaker interprets this varietal; not everyone does a great job in my opinion. Someone who knows Syrah well, and excels in its interpretation, is Rob Griffin. After all, he's made wine in Washington since 1977 and Rob makes an amazing for the price Syrah . I’m speaking of his Tulip label Syrah .The 2005 Tulip label Barnard Griffin Syrah leans towards a soft elegance. A little time in the bottle has done well for this wine. The wine has opened up nicely over the last 6 months. Tasting notes: soft nose, lightly fragrant of violets, hints of licorice as the wine opens up and some vanilla too. The longer this bottle is open, the better the wine tastes, nice acidity with gentle tannins. The finish has lengthened: delicious dark fruit flavors, blackberry, plum, and raspberry jam. Very tasty, open at le

Powers Has a Winning Wine

Powers Cabernet-Merlot 2004 Columbia Valley Here’s another good wine from a local Tri-City winery. Powers/Badger Mountain Winery is only a short five mile drive from my home. It's close enough and far enough away, that I often forget their label. And I haven't gone wine tasting there in 5 years. Once again my wife surprised me with a bottle of wine, “I would not have bought” the 2004 Powers Cabernet-Merlot. Wow! Have I been missing out. Amazingly I enjoyed this wine over 3 days and it was very good, ALL three days. This wine really has some life in it. You can enjoy it now or leave it in the cellar for a few more years. This wine is no longer listed on the winery web site, but it can still be found at grocers around the Tri-Cities (and reasonably priced too). The Powers/Badger Mountain Winery tasting room is nestled on top of Badger Mountain in a residential area. When you are ready to go looking for them, don't give up hope, they are at the top of the hill, just down the

Columbia Crest New H3 Label

H3 - Columbia Crest Horse Heaven Hills 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon This wine was a big surprise for me. My wife is continually buying wine I would never think of bringing home. I so enjoyed the wine, I left some for the next day. My notes are from day two. Tasting notes: What an interesting nose - spicy vegetal which leans towards baked bell pepper, cigar box, leather, empty pepper mill. Medium bodied wine, good fruit, pencil shavings, flower petals, hint of bubble gum, good mouth feel. I like it. Has a pleasant finish, not huge, not too dry. This is a buy me drink me wine, perfect for a grilled steak and prawns. This wine is locally priced in the $15 range (less if on sale). I’ve included some winemaker notes below.. Cheers! Winemaker notes: The H3 label is named for the American Viticultural Area in which Columbia Crest is located (Horse Heaven Hills AVA) and where it planted its estate vineyards more than two decades ago. All the grapes will come from those vineya

2004 Orphelin Reviewed

2004 Orphelin Red Wine produce by Chateau St. Michelle This is my first post of the year - finally, not that I've given up wine, just busy with life. Interestingly, my son’s 2 nd grade teacher recommended this wine to my wife. I decided to track it down. At first, I was not sure which label she was speaking of. I had never heard of it and was uncertain as to the spelling. So, I visited with a local wine steward and she set me straight. The Orphelin label is actually a Chateau St. Michelle label, and is available for purchase direct from the winery for $30. I’m told the main market for this wine is upscale restaurants – which is why it is difficult to find retail. This is another drink me now wine. It has aromas of dark fruit, earth, herbs and a hint of cedar. Flavors of blackberry and tobacco are balanced, with a soft finish, slightly dry. Pair with grilled pork chops a spinach salad and apple pie for dessert. I think I'm hungry, yes, definitely hungry. Chateaus St. Michel