Another Fine Syrah from Rob Griffin

2005 Barnard Griffin Syrah Tulip Label

I’m a huge fan of Washington Syrah. No winemaker seems to make Syrah alike. Half the fun of wine tasting in Washington is discovering how each winemaker interprets this varietal; not everyone does a great job in my opinion. Someone who knows Syrah well, and excels in its interpretation, is Rob Griffin. After all, he's made wine in Washington since 1977 and Rob makes an amazing for the price Syrah. I’m speaking of his Tulip label Syrah.The 2005 Tulip label Barnard Griffin Syrah leans towards a soft elegance. A little time in the bottle has done well for this wine. The wine has opened up nicely over the last 6 months.

Tasting notes: soft nose, lightly fragrant of violets, hints of licorice as the wine opens up and some vanilla too. The longer this bottle is open, the better the wine tastes, nice acidity with gentle tannins. The finish has lengthened: delicious dark fruit flavors, blackberry, plum, and raspberry jam. Very tasty, open at least an hour before drinking. I think Turkey would pair well with this wine, perhaps a turkey & Swiss sandwich, use good crusty bread, a pickle on the side and some sweet potato fries too - kind of a mini Thanksgiving. I have food on the mind.


4722 cases – I have occasionally found this wine at Costco for about $13.

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