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Pandemic Silver Lining | An Audio Journey

The music had a three dimensional quality I was never cognizant of before. I was gobsmacked. Music for sanity When I was five years old, I would sit in the basement of our house on Cascade street and play records by myself. “ Me and My Shadow ” on 45 RPM, was one of my favorite Peter Pan songs. I also had Aesop's Fables, narrated by a woman with an amazing voice. The stories thrilled and fascinated. I have had no success finding a copy. Another favorite was, “ Just So Stories ” I have a copy on vinyl gifted by my son. Another favorite was, “ The Bible ” I have a digital copy. Wow. Amazing voice acting and a little scary.  When I was a teenager, I migrated to David Bowie, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller Band, Ohio Players, and Led Zeppelin. My audio equipment as a kid and as a teen, and then as a college student, was never sophisticated. In college I moved to portable cassette players and tapes, with cheap headphones. Might explain some of my current hearing problems. As an adult, married