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Sauternes and Sweet Bordeaux a Resonating Tasting Experience

Sauternes and Sweet Bordeaux Tasting It is always a pleasure and privilege to experience wine from regions I have not, yet, visited. One such experience has resonated with me for most of this year. In January, a bottle of 2001 Sauternes was sent home with me, it was 2/3 full. I drank every drop of that golden, sweet, delicious Sauternes. Afterwards, I could not shake from my thoughts how delicious, unctuous and intense an experience was that wine. The sweet, golden liquid, that oh so complex and stunning Sauternes changed something in me. It was a seminal experience. I wanted more. "“Noble Rot” is associated with a process that happens to grapes creating a distinctive, concentrated, exotic, honey flavored wine with a crisp, acidic finish. Through the magic of nature, this royal rot is what we have to thank for Bordeaux’s signature sweet white wines, most often referred to as Sauternes."  -  Bordeaux Magazine, August 2016 For the remainder of this year, I have been