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White Wine of the Week: Parejas Band of Sisters 2012 Wysling Columbia Valley

Gosh, a beautiful white table wine. Mark Wysling, owner/winemaker of Parejas Cellars sent me several bottles of his wines to review. I could not resist sharing with you how lovely the Band of Sisters 2012 Wysling drank. Thank you Mark! I will have a complete review of all the wines Mark sent me, but first, let's look at this white table wine.

Red Wine of the Week: Hawks View Cellars 2010 Estate Pinot Noir

"Wine is a celebration beverage, i t elevates exceptional food" - A.J. Kemp, Co-Founder and General Manager, Hawks View Cellars A warm thank you to my friends at Hawks View Cellars. They sent me this lovely bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir to review. This wine was shiny and merits a wine of the week selection. A.J. Kemp in barrel room. Last year I enjoyed visiting Hawks View Cellars in the Chehalem Mountains of Oregon. The visit was one of the 2012 Wine Bloggers pre-conference excursions. Hawks View Cellars is a private winery and only provides private wine tastings. You must contact the winery in advance to schedule your tasting visit. With a production of 2,500 cases a year, they have the capacity to expand to 5,000 cases. But there's no rush. They are focused on producing premium wines with fruit from Oregon, Washington and California.

Discover the Wines of the Horse Heaven Hills

You may be familiar with some of Washington's American Viticultural Areas (AVAs); such as Yakima Valley, Walla Walla, Red Mountain and The Columbia Valley. But do you know the way to the Horse Heaven Hills AVA? Washington State is the nation's second largest producer of wine. And that's premium wine friends. With 43,000 acres planted to vine we have an ideal climate in Eastern Washington for growing vinifera. It's dry in Eastern Washington with only 6-8 inches of annual rainfall. Since vinifera require at least 22 inches of annual rainfall, irrigation and vineyard management are key to producing high quality fruit. Clouds rolling off the north side of the Horse Heaven Hills.

Blog Shout-out! J'aime ton Wine

Slightly Off Topic Today. This morning I was checking on my new twitter followers on @wild4wawine and became curious about a new follower from Paris, France: Lolita Sene @jaimetonwine of the wine blog . Admittedly, my two quarters of college French serve me little good today. Hey, it was my last year of school, I audited French 102 and it was also a lovely play in the sun Spring. Priorities. Today I regret not taking French classes more seriously. Just to know what Ms. Lolita Sene is saying in the following video. In this video from J'aime ton Wine ( I Love your Wine ) she reviews/tastes wine with music. And she does it correctly. I love her emotion and exuberance - it does not matter to me what she is saying - I just love the way she is saying it. And there's the music too, tying it all together. Bravo! Her video caught my attention because earlier this year I created a new blog, with the intent of pairing my favorite mus

An Ode to Okanagan Wine Country

You are such a tease BC wine. Friendly, approachable, desirable and delicious. I was dazzled by your beauty, style, varieties and classiness. You won me over quickly. My heart still flutters just thinking about your tasty qualities on my lips Bench 1775 Chill . I miss swirling you in my mouth, sipping of your delectable charms. And charms aplenty you are conferred; you are a tease Hainle Vineyards Gewurztraminer Ice Wine .