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2005 Tamarack Cellars Fire House Red

Here’s proof that a little extra time in the bottle helps deliver the goods. On a recommendation, I purchased this wine last summer and was under-whelmed. This year I reluctantly opened another bottle of Fire House Red and was happily surprised to discover a different wine. This wine has some life in it, I enjoyed it over two days (I can occasionally exercise restraint) and strongly recommend you find this wine and try it too. My tasting notes are from the second day (the day before I was too surprised to take notes).

The nose: coffee, tobacco and toffee. Good mouth feel – medium dry, a balanced blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – I believe the Syrah really brings out a lot in this wine. Finish: cocoa and cherry, tasty. Drink it while you can find it. Find it in town for under $20. Visit their facility in Walla Walla, Washington - it is on my to do list now.


Here's a breakdown of the blend and vineyard sources:

31% Cabernet Sauvignon: 16% Columbia Valley, 11% Walla Walla Valley, 4% Wahluke Slope.
30% Syrah: 16% Columbia, 6% Horse Heaven Hills, 5% Walla Walla Valley, 3% Wahluke Slope.
24% Merlot: 9% Columbia Valley, 8% Walla Walla Valley, 4% Wahluke Slope, 3% Rattlesnake Hills.
11% Cabernet Franc: 4% Columbia Valley, 3% Walla Walla Valley, 2% Rattlesnake Hills, 2% Wahluke Slope.
2% Sangiovese: Columbia Valley.
1% Carmenere: Walla Walla Valley.
1% Malbec: Columbia Valley.

7136 Cases


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