2007 Kung Fu Girl Riesling

K Vintners – 2007 Kung Fu Girl Riesling
another recommended wine made by Charles Smith.
Don't you love the label?

I missed sampling this wine at Taste Washington, so I felt I owed it to myself to try a bottle at home. Washington is well known for Riesling - we have the perfect climate for growing the varietal. And Riesling was one of the states first widely successful wines in the 1970's - 1980's. With the increased focus on red wine grape varietals and all things Chardonnay in the 1990's, Rieslings popularity faded. A focus on Late Harvest Rieslings and Ice Wine production meant that dry Rieslings were largely ignored. But that has changed.

I've noticed a Riesling renaissance occurring over the last eight years. The popularity of Chardonnay has proportionally decreased as the popularity of Riesling has increased. Some growers have been replacing Chardonnay vineyards with new Rieslings vineyards. Many great Rieslings are being produced in Washington -just check out the annual reviews and awards the varietal is receiving.

My "mature" palate leans to the dry and acidic Rieslings - more "Alsatian" in style. Some of us who "grew up" with Riesling, used to drink the overly sweet ones. Sweet is easy to understand for new wine drinkers. But as we mature, sweet no longer satisfies.

Kung Fu Girl Riesling does not disappoint. This wine is steely sharp. It is a dry Riesling with lively citrus notes of grapefruit and green apple. Give the wine some air and a honeysuckle nose emerges, followed by a very crisp finish with lingering honey on the palette. A pretty picture, non?

Kung Fu Girl can slice and dice. It is an excellent foil for sushi, sashimi, bacon-wrapped scallops or a plate of prosciutto and cheese with crusty bread. This is a dry and acidic wine, not sweet, so you are fore-warned and fore-armed. Enjoy.

You can find this wine and more wines by Charles Smith at http://www.kvintners.com/ or ask your local wine merchant to bring some in.


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