Cold and Allergies

I'm over the summer cold and the summer allergies, for the moment. My taster is working again - hurray! There are three wine reviews I need to write - but I need to take care of errands and mow the yard - boo.

For any frequent visitors, you the reader, I've switched to a simpler layout for this blog. I've also been working on a logo design - which is turning out to be harder than expected - so expect more layout changes. I like the lighter background, makes it easier to read.

Also - I need to gripe about the new version of Zone Alarm. I've used Zone Alarm for many years as my essential firewall software. Unfortunately, the newest revision flags my blog as "potentially harmful". Not apprecaited. It seems that since I added a new domain name for the blog this summer, my site is "Too New" to be trusted. I've had this blog since 2006 as (which still works) but since I added this summer, Zone Alarm flags a big ugly warning about the possible danger of my visiting my blog. Not appreciated Zone Alarm.

I have a list of wineries I need to go visit as time permits. And Prosser has a wine event this weekend I may attend. I'll keep you posted.


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