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Origium Rosé from Cariñena, Spain | 2016 Garnacha Rosé Bodegas San Valero a Versatile Wine

Another perfect wine and food pairing.

Part of the discussion I have with guests, is how palates change over time. Mine certainly has. This year I've noticed that once again, I am enjoying Rosé more and more.

I also share with my guests that a good food pairing will elevate both the food and the wine. Alone they are good, but enjoyed together, they can be so much more.

Today I am sharing how well I enjoyed the Origium 2016 Garnacha Rosé by Bodegas San Valero. It was good, but was especially enjoyable with food. And it reinforced my viewpoint about elevated wine and food pairings. So very pleased with this wine and the dinner I prepared.

Cariñena is the second Denomination of Origin (D.O.) of Spain. The regional capital, Zaragoza, is halfway between Madrid and Barcelona and just two hours from France. The climate is continental, Grenache, Tempranillo, and Macabeo are the predominant varieties grown, along with the indigenous Cariñena variety. Also grown are Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet …

Out of the Park! Knudsen Vineyards 2015 Pinot Noir Estate Reserve | Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Oh mama...fantastic wine.

My Pinot Noir drinkers often ask for recommendations of Oregon wines. Well, now added to my Strongly Recommended list is this Knudsen Vineyards 2015 Pinot Noir Estate Reserve, Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon. It rocked!

This wine came from their estate vineyard. Specifically, Block 1, Block 5 and Block 6, all French Dijon clone 777. Block 1 is the youngest part of the vineyard, planted in 2006 at a higher elevation of 755-840 feet, it provided added brightness, freshness and aromatic expression.

2015 was an extraordinary vintage. Growing conditions produced a stunning Pinot Noir from Knudsen Vineyards. Bud break was a month earlier than normal, with early warm weather. The growing season tapered off to normal by September, providing a break from the heat and the development of balanced, concentrated fruit for harvest. And it shows in this beautiful wine.

Tasting Notes
Color: Clear rim, pale ruby.
Nose: Soft, strawberry skin, low intensity, light earthy …

Mullan Road Cellars 2014 Red Wine | Washington State

Recommended Cellar Candidate!

Some of my wine friends have impressive collections of wine. After accumulating a few hundred bottles of wine, you will reach the point where you are not going to have enough time to drink all that wine. You are creating a legacy, an inheritance. And I hope you are choosing wisely.

If you are beginning a wine cellar, you have the luxury of knowing each bottle and hopefully remembering which ones to drink when. If you are adding on to a large cellar of wine, it is likely you will ignore or forget about some of your many bottles. So you want bottles which should age gracefully.

Note: I know people who only share bottles of wine with others, after they've peaked and faded away! "Hey, here's a bottle of 1999 Merlot. It's no longer showing well. And I've got a case of it. Enjoy." Don't be that kind of wine collector. Share your good wines with others. Like my good wine friends do.

The Mullan Road Cellars 2014 Red Wine, is today'…

Eufloria Sparkling Wine in a Can | White and Rosé

Have you grabbed a can of wine lately? 

Are you curious about those cans of wine you see at the grocery store or your local liquor store? Are you wondering to yourself, "Are they any good?"

Today I have reviews of two sparkling/frizzante wines in a can. Eufloria aromatic wines. These wines are produced by the same company which makes Pacific Rim Riesling in West Richland, Washington. (see my review: "Pacific Rim 2016 Riesling - Two Styles with Unlimited Enjoyment")

You might ask yourself, "Why would I want wine from a can?" I asked myself the same question. And you might also ask, as I did, "What do they taste like?" Well, I found out. 

Why cans?
One of the reasons cans are being used for wine, is that aluminum cans are lighter than glass, and therefore less expensive to transport. Also, aluminum cans take up less space than glass bottles for an equivalent amount of wine. These are 375ml cans of wine, which is equivalent to 1/2 of a bottle of wine. T…

Three Albariños and Several Food Pairings | Taste Rías Baixas

As promised, more reviews of  Albariño wines from Rías Baixas. 

My previous post (My Favorite White Wines this Summer are from DO Rias Baixas), I emphasized more traditional food pairings, grilled shrimp, Ceviche, and watermelon. This time, I wanted to try some different pairings to see how well Albariño wines would match. I love seafood, but I was curious about the flexibility of this variety.

My test pairings began with a series of mini quiche I made at home, spinach, hamburger, tomato, dill and steak. Following are my tastings notes on the wines and the food pairing results. Results were mixed.

While twelve grape varieties are permitted in DO Rías Baixas, the white Albariño grape represents 96% of all plantings. Albariño refreshes as a drinking wine and appeals to diverse cuisine. Albariño from Galicia delivers for me on many levels. Bright acidity, refreshing citrus flavors and that compelling salinity which intrigues, satisfies, and returns me to my favorite memories of the ocean…

My Favorite White Wines this Summer are from DO Rías Baixas | Albariño

Albariño from DO Rías Baixas of Galicia, Spain.
Rías Baixas is Galician for “Lower Rias,” and refers to four estuaries – Ría de Muros y Noia, the Ría de Arousa, the Ría de Pontevedra, and the Ría de Vigo – located on the southwestern coast of Galicia, Spain.

This region of Spain is often referred to as "green Spain" because the area is cooled by the Atlantic ocean, it is greener than the rest of Spain. The region accumulates around 2,200 growing degree days for ripening the perfect Albariño.

I find something compelling about Albariño from green Spain. It's that bright acidity, often with minerality and flavors of citrus to stone fruit, and especially, the essence of the salty sea. When I have the opportunity to enjoy a bottle of Albariño from Rías Baixas, I am expecting to experience a hint of that Atlantic ocean breeze, either on the palate or on the nose.

Many thanks to for inviting me to enjoy my favorite wine of summer. Albariño wines of DO Rías Baixas. Th…

Prosser Wine Network Bottles, Brews, BBQ 2018!

Saturday June 9th, 2018 at Prosser's Vintner's Village10am to 6pm. Kick Off June 8Bottles, Brews, Barbecues kicks off with the Festival Dinner on Friday, June 8, featuring eight Prosser-area winemakers and a private concert with The Pony Boys. Winery owners and
winemakers from Coyote Canyon Winery, Columbia Crest Winery, Desert Wind Winery,
Domanico Cellars, Gamache Vintners, Ginkgo Forest Winery, Martinez & Martinez, and 14
Hands will participate on Friday, June 8 under one tent on the grassy environs between
Gamache Vintners and the Winemakers Loft in Prosser.

Main Event June 9 The main event on Saturday, June 9 commences at 10 AM with the PNWBA barbecue
competition and is followed by a full day of live music with Tri-Cities Fino, a latin-jazz fusion band, and Doc Jeebus’ Mojo Library. Horse Heaven Hills Brewery and Bale Breaker Brewing Company are brewery partners in the 2018 event. Prosser Wine Network member wineries will be stationed throughout the event.

Tickets to B…