This Wine Blog Gradually Changing

Cha, Cha, Changes...

Several changes have gradually taken place on my blog this year. There's the new background image, which I keep tweaking. Then Google enhanced the design/layout tool for blogger - of course I've tried some of the new layouts - of course the new layouts broke some of the Gadgets I use. Oh well.

Recently, the more important changes include, the most important change:

Yes, it was time to get a real domain name for this blog. You can still find my blog at: but use if you share.

Another change includes, my new Wild 4 Washington Wine Store. The store is powered by so purchases are actually from My role in this? I manage and provide links and information for the products I recommend; the ones I like to use, want to own or just desire. My favorite wine glasses are made by Reidel and my favorite chocolate is made by Patchi - you'll find them in the store.

I suspect that my "free" time will now be absorbed by tweaking my wine store and possibly changing the Blog layout from 2 columns to 3 columns - that right column is getting a bit crowded.



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