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Eternal Bliss seemed appropriate.

It's easier with a little help from some friends.

Greetings from Washington state. We've been told by our Governor, Jay Inslee, to shelter in place. You may be doing the same. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe and secure during these unusually challenging times. Me? I'm well ensconced at home in SE Washington wine country - with a good supply of wine and food. And the dog. #shelterinplace #washyourhands

For someone who sells (used to sell?) wine, enjoys sharing stories of wine, hosts wine tastings, and generally likes the social aspects of the wine industry, it's brutal, truly, remaining isolated at home. My only social contact is my dog - she's a good girl.

As my dear friend Anne says, "Oof dah."

#wineandmovies #exit96 

Pairing Wine with Movies

If you've been following along with my Instagram account @wild4wawine, you may have seen me using #wineandmovies and posting pictures of the wine I'm drinking and the movies I'm watching. A winery friend, @PurpleStarWines also noticed, and reached out.

We've decided, in cooperation with a growing list of Red Mountain AVA wineries (Exit 96 to get there), to share participating wineries Wine and Movies pairings. You are invited to participate too. If you have one of the wines listed, try pairing it with the movie recommended by the winery. If you don't have the bottle, contact the winery and see if they can ship direct to you. Some can. And some have curb-side pickup. Contact the winery for options.


Note: If you don't have either recommended wine or movie, you can still share what you watched and which wine you enjoyed with the movie. We love wine and movies! That's part of the point. Sharing. Not feeling isolated. And you are giving us a list of movie recommendations we may not have seen.

How to play: Use the hashtags #wineandmovies and #Exit96 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. We want to see what you are drinking and watching as well. Friendly feedback and discussion is encouraged (I sometimes add a food pairing, not required.)

Pairing the wine I have at home, with the movies I have at home. And a yummy dessert. Eternal Wines Eternal Bliss Fortified Syrah, Highly Recommend.

The Red Mountain Wineries Wine and Movies Pairings ... enjoy.

Remember the Titans | pair with Quintessence Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
*Note: Been drinking Charlie's wines for years. Age so gracefully too.

Red Mountain Revealed: Mini-Documentary | pair with 2017 Quintessence Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
Stepbrothers | pair with 2017 Scooteney Flats Vineyard Merlot
Napolian Dynamite | pair with 2018 Artz Vineyard Semillon
La Bamba | pair with 2017 Red Mountain Punctual Blend
*Note: I have received so many unsolicited recommendations for this winery. I know! 

Wine Calling | pair with Hedges Bio Syrah (you can find the movie on amazon prime).
*Note: Check out this blog for reviews. They rock! A fan for a couple of decades.

The Blues Brothers with Dan Aykroyd  and John Belushi - With the comedic geniuses of Dan Ayckroyd and John Belushi, with a cast that includes fantastic musical performances of Cab Callaway, James Brown, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, and ARETHA FRANKLIN; a cameo by Richard Pryor; and a young Carrie Fisher with a bazooka!  In our opinion this movie has it all so we think it should be paired with a wine that has it all | pair with our 2015 Hightower Estate Blend
*Note: Been a fan of Kelly and Tim since 2008. Helped bottle there too.

Man from Snowy River | pair with Their Red Mountain Red Blend
Tombstone | pair with their Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Romance and the Stone | pair with our 2015 Muret-Gaston GSM
Shitts Creek | pair with our 2019 Purple Star Rosé
*Note: I'd buy any of their wines. They are all fantastic! Been enjoying since 2013. 

Restaurant from the Sky | pair with Sleeping Dog Wines Ciel de Chien
*Note: If they have any of their Rose' in it! Pairs with about anything you try. Bravo!

Lucy | pair with 2016 Artist Series Syrah
Link to movie on Amazon Prime
*Note: Love this movie. I have a copy. Love their Syrah too. Their wines are no longer in distribution. You must contact the winery for purchase. Well worth the effort.


I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille.

More wineries are interested in participating, this list will change over time.

#shelterinplace #washyourhands #wineandmovies #Exit96


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