Deeply Delicious Shallow Seas 2017 Rosé Wine | Willamette Valley, Oregon


"Patio thinker into a sunset sharing wine."

Today I am pleased to share my sentiments on the second vintage of Shallow Seas Rosé, by winemaker Anthony Van Nice, of Real Nice Winemakers.

"The name and the antique diver helmet refer to our marine sedimentary soils here. The whole area was an inland seas millions of years ago and plate tectonic forces pushed this ancient seabed up to the surface. You can walk the vineyards and break apart rocks with your hands and find fossilized seas shells and other marine life."


Tasting Notes Shallow Seas 2017 Rosé

Color: Rose gold.
Nose: Medium-minus intensity, minerality, dried strawberry, perfume, hint of pink grapefruit and pomegranate. Pretty.
Palate: Medium minus intensity, medium body, dry, textured, tingle on tongue, Delicate flavor, savory, raspberry, cherry, juicy quince, medium finish. Lovely, nuanced flavors, focused and spot on. My speed. I like this wine, a lot.

Day two: Juicy, dry, savory, raspberry, cherry, quince jelly, salinity, with white pepper on the textured medium finish. Really good.

Wanted to pair this wine with food. Enjoyed it with Manchego cheese, soft, salty, compatible. Herb seasoned crackers emphasized flavors of the herbs, not bad. It was the fresh tomato with dill and salt that showed best together. Very friendly, acid matched well, with a nice lift of the dill tying the wine and tomato together, very tasty. Wine went quickly with food pairing. I had to keep re-filling my glass. Yep, that good. 


Day three: Tart red fruit, tangerine peel, dry, textured. Paired with a BLT sandwich, the BLT toned down the tartness and emphasized creamy red fruit and a tingle of acidity. Delicious.

I want my BLT with Shallow Seas 2017  Rosé Wine.

Thoughts: Contemplative wine for a Rosé. Patio thinker into a sunset sharing wine. A wine for when you have nothing to do, except to enjoy the moment.

I would have paired it with smoked salmon, except my son ate all the smoked salmon yesterday. Pair with fresh, seasonal vegetables. The farmers markets are now open here. Tomato with a sprinkle of dill and salt was a lovely pairing, think acid and herbs. Also think salty cheese. The Manchego provided a nice contrast of texture and flavor. Cheese based dishes would be good too; grilled cheese, mac and cheese, fettuccine, or a simple cheese plate.

Run, don't walk for this limited production and truly delicious Rosé wine. Drink now.
Strongly Recommended.

State: Oregon
Region: Willamette Valley
Vineyards: Hyland, Olsen and Westmount Vineyards
Blend: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling
Closure: Screw Cap
ABV: 13.1%
SRP: $18

503-560-4280 (Distributor or trade Inquiries)
503-662-3700 (Order wine or questions about your order)
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A perfect sunset sharing wine.

About Real Nice Winemakers and Anthony Van Nice
Anthony has been in the wine industry for over 20 years and got his start as a cellar rat working at Archery Summitt with Gary Andrus. After this, he went on to work in Burgundy, Australia, New Zealand and eventually made it back to Oregon. He was the first employee of a start-up winery called The Four Graces and quickly became their GM and later President until it was sold to the Foley Wine Group.

After having spent the last few years helping others build their own wineries, he thought it was finally time that he started his own. And so Real Nice Winemakers was born.

Having worked in sales for the past few years, he took his dream, combined it with his knowledge and advice from Sommeliers across the US and created a bottle of Pinot Noir and later, this Rosé that was representative of the Willamette Valley.

It really does over deliver on quality for the price.

I'll have a review posted of their Black Magnolia Pinot Noir soon.


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