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Sensory Experience with Riedel, Seminar and Trade Tasting


One of my main messages on this blog is, "Good stemware is critical to wine appreciation." 

Some of my regular readers may recall that I have written about my personal experiments on how the shape of the wine glass, can positively or negatively, affect the perception of the wine you drink. (Wine 101 – The Importance of Shape to Wine Appreciation, 10/21/13).

But I have never participated in a focused trade tasting, exhorting the same.

Yesterday, I participated in a special Riedel Crystal Seminar for the wine trade. This was an enlightening sensory experience. One which I highly recommend to everyone. And for those interested, the Walter Clore Center where I work in Prosser, will be hosting an upcoming Riedel seminar for consumers April 28th.

Riedel Stemware, Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet (left to right).


Riedel Crystal is a glassware manufacturer based in Kufstein, Austria, best known for its glassware designed to enhance different types of wines. Established in Bohemia in 1756. Maximilian J. Riedel, appointed CEO and President of RIEDEL Crystal in 2013, is the 11th generation of the family-owned company. Maximilian has earned accolades from The Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco MoMA, and the Corning Museum of Glass. Today, in addition to his leadership of RIEDEL Crystal worldwide, he is the principal designer of the glassware company‘s decanters.

Riedel Tasting at the Walter Clore Center, Prosser, Washington
Saturday, April 28, 2pm – 3:30pm
Details: Taste four different wines from four different Riedel glasses. Take home your own Riedel. Seating is limited, so purchase your tickets today!

Presenter, Riedel regional manager for Western United States.

Yesterday, along with winemakers, restaurant and tasting room staff, I spent an enjoyable hour evaluating four wines, in four different glasses. And the type of glass we used, DID alter the perception of the wines. BONUS we got take the glasses home!

"The first discovery was made while enjoying wine. The same wine displayed completely differently characteristics when served in a variety of glasses. The differences were so great that experienced connoisseurs were made to believe that they were tasting different wines. The grape variety is the key factor in determining the relationship between fruit, acidity, tannin and alcohol." - Riedel, Why Shape Matters

The glasses we evaluated included: the Restaurant Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc, Extreme Restaurant Chardonnay, Restaurant Pinot Noir and the Extreme Restaurant Cabernet. Expect to see these glasses in my upcoming wine photos. Love the feel and look of the Chardonnay glass.

The wines we evaluated included: Jones of Washington Sauvignon Blanc, Gordon Estate Chardonnay, Left Coast Cellars Pinot Noir and Bookwalter Winery Readers Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tasting is believing! I won't bore you with how lovely and enticing the wines were from the suitable glass. Nor will I bother you with how the incorrect glass made the wines taste weak, hot, astringent and mediocre. I will however, encourage you to purchase these glasses for home. Or if you are a restaurant, for your wine customers. Thank me later.

The "Mamba" decanter. Elevate your wine service. Cool in action.

Even though I expected this to be a positive experience, I was surprised how obvious, how noticeable, and how well these glasses worked. I'm a believer.

Many thanks to Riedel USA and Vehrs Distributing for the invitation and wonderful seminar.

And thank you to The Lodge at Columbia Point for the accommodations.


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