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Desert Wind Winery grape clusters in front of the Walter Clore Center.
I am doing some back-end work on this blog.

Switched to the old blog layout temporarily. It seems Google has made changes to the Blogger engine. I am tweaking the settings and exploring these modifications.

Hope to find time to address some of the wine reviews I have not posted. More soon if I can.

12/12/16 Blog Anniversary - 10 Years!

December will mark the 10th anniversary of this wine blog. So many changes over the years. I have learned a great deal. It would seem suitable to reflect on what I have learned these last 10 years. On my to do list.

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Bubbles Blind Tasting November 2016.
Impact of Wine Tasting Sessions

Yesterday, I hosted two wine tasting sessions at the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center in Prosser, Washington. The morning class was Washington vs. France and the afternoon class was a blind tasting of sparkling wine. Wonderful discussions at both sessions. However, I did ask, "Were any doors opened for you today?" "Did you come away more knowledgeable about wine?" "Did I change any of your biases?"

I was pleased that I made some, small impact on yesterdays guests. A group of ABC drinkers in the first group (Anything But Chardonnay), left a little more open to trying Chardonnay again. That is progress.

And in the afternoon session, a gentleman said that I had opened a door for him. He never thought much about sparkling wine. He had no understanding or appreciation for it. Now he does. That's a win too.

I'll continue to do what I can to share and educate my readers and guests about the wide world of wine. All the best to you and yours this holiday season. The year is almost over.