2015 Tall Sage Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley AVA

 “Find a Tall Sage and you have found a place that will sustain superior grape vines.”
Dr. Walter Clore.

The Tall Sage label is the Monson Family’s tribute to a man of great stature, the founder of Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards, Arvid Monson. A tall sage is one that develops deep tap roots. I have been a fan of Gooseridge wines for many years.

2015 was one of the hotest growing seasons on record. The consistent heat developed sugar in the fruit quickly in many grape varieties. Canopy management was key to protecting the fruit from heat and sun. De-leafing and deficit irrigation was moderated during this vintage to allow the vines to cope with the hot growing season.

The 2015 Tall Sage Chardonnay is ready to drink now. The 2015 Tall Sage Cabernet Sauvignon drank better on day two and could use another 6 months of bottle age to hit my sweet spot. Both Recommended.

Tasting Notes


1. Review Tall Sage 2015 Chardonnay, Columbia Valley AVA

Color: Straw, green highlights.
Nose: Inviting, dusty toast, ginger skin.
Palate: Creamy, tart, yogurt, apple skin, textured, spice on medium finish. Like.

After 15 minutes: Nutty nose with hit of barnyard floor, river rock, crème fraîche, whiff of lemon. Cream and lemon custard, focus to front of palate, hint of nuttiness, apple skin, textured on tongue, spice into the medium finish. Big like.

After 30 minutes: Similar to 15 minutes, perfumed, rounder with more spice on the periphery, slightly savory finish. Like.

After 1 hour: Nutty nose, sweetness in background, vanilla creme, touch of orange. Medium-light body, yogurt, orange-vanilla, herbal note, apple, soft spice, medium-short finish. Craved a chicken salad.

Day two: Fresh and spicy, apple with nuts, ginger, minerality, textured, balanced, modest body, bright with melon on the medium-short finish. Enjoyable, friendly and easy drinking. Roast chicken with potatoes would be wonderful.

Tall Sage 2015 Chardonnay with chicken.

Thoughts: This wine screamed drink me! Terrific value and ready to go. Pair with roasted chicken, turkey, grilled bratwurst, sauteed lobster tail, and Caeser salad.
Recommended + Big Bang for the Buck.

Estate Grown: 92% Chardonnay, 5% Roussanne, 2% Sauvignon Blanc, 1% Viognier
Closure: Screw Cap
ABV: 14.2%
SRP: About $10
Made by Goose Ridge Winery in tribute to Arvid Monson, founder of Gooseridge Estate Vineyards.
Sample provided by winery.


2. Tall Sage 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley AVA

Color: Plum.
Nose: Soft plum, dusty violets, pencil shavings, leather, raspberry jam.
Palate: Brown sugar, stewed plum, round, prunes, muted mouth feel, modest tannin, short finish. Not to my taste.

After 15 minutes: Plum, pencil shavings, clove, modest tannin, light body, touch of dark chocolate on the finish. Not to my taste.

After 30 minutes: Nose more focused. Bit soft on the palate, oily plum, clove, holiday flavor profile, stewed cherry on the dry finish. Not bad.

After 1 hour: Earthy funk on the nose. Stewed cherries and plums, clove, dry on the gums, grassy cassis with a hint of chocolate into the almost sour holiday finish. Not my speed.

Decanted 1 hour: Soft, sour cherry, dry, less stewed than the previous taste. Less of that holiday spice profile. Wants food. Think casual fare like pizza and pasta in a red meat sauce. Not bad.

Day two: Savory nose with perfume, plum, dried cherries, orange, oak. Sour cherry, plum, orange, chocolate, action to the front of the palate, pleasant restrained tannin, enjoyed the dry, slightly sour finish. Like.

Thoughts: Ah sweet youth, nothing but a little time in bottle needed to correct your immaturity. Wine was more integrated on day two and showed best on day two. Should continue to improve in bottle and show better over the next three years. Young wine. Drink 2017 - 2019.

*Note: This wine had a distinct Christmas Holiday flavor profile on day one. Reminded me of mulled wine spices. Pair accordingly and you could have a big hit at your holiday celebrations with this Tall Sage Cabernet Sauvignon.

Estate Grown: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Closure: Screw Cap
ABV: 13.8%
SRP: About $10
Made by Goose Ridge Winery in tribute to Arvid Monson, founder of Gooseridge Estate Vineyards.
Sample provided by winery.

The Monsons' have been farming the Columbia Valley for almost five decades. Arvid Monson founded Goose Ridge Vineyards in 1997.  Theirs is a family-owned and operated winery dedicated to limited production, handcrafted wines. Veteran winemaker, Andrew Wilson, is a Washington wine specialist. The Tall Sage wines are a truly exceptional value. Great QPR! Thank you Andrew.

For information regarding Goose Ridge Vineyards & Winery  www.gooseridge.com


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