Outline - Catalunya a Return Home

Mural in Falset, Tarragona, principal village of comarca of Priorat.

“Many of us have the desire to travel and visit wine regions around the world. There are many places I want to visit. Getting there is not always possible. When you bring home a bottle of wine from NE Spain, read about the region, its people and cuisine, it helps to bring that part of the world a little closer to home. Thinking about you Catalunya.” 
William Pollard Jr, 3 March 2016, Poema White and Red Two DO Catalunya Wines from Catalan.
Vineyard tour DO Emporda, Mas Llunes old vines.

In order to properly share what I learned and experienced in Catalunya, I need to cover a lot of territory. Consequently, I have created this outline to guide me and you my reader. It may change over time as I create the content and try to tell a cohesive story.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Catalunya a Return Home, I was notified by DO Catalunya (Consell Regulador de la Denominaci√≥ d’Origen Catalunya) that I was a finalist in a blog writing competition. Would I be attending the BlocDOCat gala in Barcelona? Yes, my head was spinning. Only two weeks to arrange for my first visit to Barcelona and Catalunya. And maybe an award winner?

I had no idea what I was in for.

All of this occurred within the span of seven days. And then I was on a plane headed for Barcelona. A destination not on my itinerary for this year. I was a finalist for an award for my blog post on DO Catalunya. And I was promised a wine country tour of DO Catalunya. For the first time I would meet Manel, my sister-in-laws boyfriend, I would meet his brother and I would lose my heart to his mother and Catalunya. All in the span of another seven days.

On the road to Falset and Priorat.
Outline for Catalunya a Return Home - Preliminary
Introduction: Catalunya a Return Home
Outline: Catalunya a Return Home
  1. History of Catalunya/Catalonia.
    To understand a place you need to understand its past.
    Pre-history to present.
  2. Language of Catalunya.
    The primary language of Catalunya is Català/Catalan.
    Basic words.
    Language resources.
  3. Culture of Catalunya.
    Cultural adjustments
    Hello and goodbye
    Time - When to eat
    Always wine
  4. Cuisine of Catalunya. 
    What is Catalan cuisine?
    Joan Roca
    Menu of the day
    Restaurants and meals: El Coro Bar Restaurant, El Celler de l'Aspic, Restaurant Battlle, Restaurant at Monestir de Poblet, Restaurant Senyor Parellada, Bodegas Torres Mas Rabell Vineyard Farmhouse Restaurant, Restaurant Can Roca.
    Catalan Food bloggers
  5. a. Mas LLunes Winery 2013 Rhodes, DO Emporda.
    A recounting of my visit to the winery, vineyards and a review of the 2013 Rhodes.

My friend April Reddout, Wine Program Manager at the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center, told me before I left that this would be a life changing trip. Little did I know how correct she would be.


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