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Review of Wineist Tasting Kit


"Small in size, big in wines."

Living in wine country it is natural for me to encourage my customers to, "Taste the wine, before you buy the wine."  And on the subject of the context of wine and expanding ones palate, I recently wrote, "...I have come to realize over the years that it is also important to understand where the grapes came from and what the wines taste like from their country of origin." March 15, 2016.

But how do you taste before buying if you don't live in wine country? Is there another way to taste wine before buying? And could you easily try wines from all over the world too? Yes.

I was contacted by Wineist to evaluate their wine subscription service.

Wineist is a European startup that presents a unique monthly subscription service which includes a set of six mini wine samples of various styles, regions and price ranges. Included in the package is information about each wine and winery. Wineist offers wine newbies and connoisseurs alike, the opportunity to experience new wines and to learn the story behind it without spending money and time on full-sized bottles of wine. Taste before you buy a full bottle and expand your palate to new regions. Wine tasting in a box!

Wineist Awarded Start Up of the Year
eCommerce Expo 2015.

With Wineist, you receive periodic samples of 6 different wines from around the world. You taste them, and then order full-size bottles of the wines you like. An easy way to taste a world of wine at home, before you buy. The first gift package is sent within 48 hours after the order is received, while all the following ones are sent every second Friday of the month.

Well packaged with informative brochure.

Flying Start

The package I received was the Flying Start, which had six 50ml samples of the following wines: Cal Y Canto 2014 ($5.72 USD), Chianti Rufina Cru Basciano DOCG 2012 ($11.33 USD), Danie's Backyard Blend 2011 ($11.44 USD), Navarra ($6.96 USD), Pinotage Rosé ($10.10 USD) and Riesling Kabinett 2014 (out of stock).

This kit was well packed. It shipped from Slovenia with six 50ml bottles. The package I received was for welcoming in the new year of 2016. The bundled brochure had information on each wine including: Name of winery, vintage, ABV, serving temperature, description of the wine aroma and taste, recommended food pairings, blend, country, and information on the winery. Room for tasting notes too. Well done.

Problem with tiny screw cap closure removal.

Thoughts and one issue: 
  1. Is 50 ml per wine enough? I was able to get 3 good tastes out of each 50ml bottle. Enough to make a purchasing decision on style and flavor of each wine. See my tastings notes below.
  2. There was an issue with the screw cap closure on most of the bottles. The closures were difficult to remove and I had to carefully pry them off. See photo and notes.
  3. Drink when you receive your kit. The kit was dated "Best before 15.03.2016" (March 15, 2016). I appreciated this date. Smaller bottles have a shorter shelf life.

Tasting Notes I - VI


I. Ernst Riesling Kabinett 2014 by Weigutt H.J. Ernst
  • ABV: 12%, 
  • Riesling, Germany, Eltville, Rheingau.
  • *Difficult to open. Screw cap did not release.
  • Good nose. Crisp and tart citrus. 
  • Tasting notes state Riesling in description, but Wine Geek Info states 100% Sauvignon Blanc (typo). 
  • Enjoyed this wine and would have enjoyed a full-size bottle. Big Like
  • Food pairing suggestions made me hungry too.

II. Delheim Pinotage Rose' 2015
  • ABV: 12.5%, 
  • 95% Pinotage, 5% Muscat de Frontignan, 
  • South Africa, Simonsberg Ward, Stellenbosch.
  • *Difficult to open. Screw cap did not release.
  • Lovely nose. Packed with flavor. Tasting notes spot on. Food pairing spot on too. Big Like.

III. Pagos de Araiz 2013 by Navarra
  • ABV 14%, 
  • Rose', Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, 
  • Spain, Navarra DO.
  • *Screw cap was difficult to remove. Had to pry it off.
  • Flavorful wine, tasting notes accurate in description. Like
  • Recipe suggestion of spiced salmon with mustard sauce appropriate.

IV. Chianti Rufina Cru Basciano 2012 by Renzo Masi
  • ABV 13.5%, 
  • Sangioves, Canaiolo, 
  • Italy, Valpolicella region.
  • *Screw cap was difficult to remove. Had to pry it off.
  • Good nose on the wine. Nice pour. Tasting notes spot on. 
  • The suggested pairing of roasted rack of lamb also spot on. Like.

V. Backyard Blend 2011 by Allesverloren
  • ABV 13.5%, 
  • 30% Tinta Barroca, 70% Shiraz, 
  • South Africa, Riebeek Valley of the Swartland.
  • *Screw cap was difficult to remove. Had to pry it off.
  • Tasting notes accurate. Though I did give this wine a bit more air. Lot of fruit, dry, spicy. Like.
  • Suggested food pairing worked for me and to drink on its own. 

VI. Cal Y Canto 2014 by Bodegas Lopez Mercier
  • ABV 13%, 
  • 80% Tempranillo, 15% Merlot, 5% Syrah, 
  • Spain, La Mancha.
  • No problem removing screw cap.
  • Tasting notes not very descriptive. Dry wine, berry, almost candied, grip on the gums, young wine which showed well and food worthy. Like
  • Food pairing accurate. 

Learn more or order a subscription:
00386 41 841 790

Verdict: You better have a bottle of wine waiting for you after going through this package. Really whetted my appetite for wine. Even with the screw cap issue, this was a fine showing of six international wines. Yes, 50 ml is just enough for three good tastes of each wine. Suitable for swirling, smelling and tasting. This was an enjoyable way to preview wines which can be purchased by the bottle and delivered to your home. Also a wonderful gift for the wine lover who wants to explore international wine regions and wine styles to improve their wine knowledge.


Pricing. How much does this cost?

As for the pricing, original prices are in euros, so the system automatically converts them every time an order is placed according to the exchange rate. Prices in USD that follow are approximate:
  • Monthly subscription: 29.00 € per month ($32.50 USD) + free shipping (recurring payment, cancel any time)
  • Six-month subscription: currently on sale for 149.00 € ($167.00 USD) + free shipping
  • Twelve-month subscription: currently on sale for  299.00 € ($335.13 USD) + free shipping
Gift packages (gift-wrapped with a personal note)
  • Three-month gift: 99.00 € ($110.96 USD) + free shipping
  • Six-month gift: currently on sale for 165.00 € ($184.94 USD) + free shipping
  • Twelve-month gift: currently on sale for 330 € ($369.88 USD) + free shipping

The Wineist Tasting Kit is another option for expanding your knowledge about a world of wine. You can taste before you buy. Study up on several wine regions. And purchase more by the bottle. All delivered direct to your door. Pretty neat.


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