2 Sparklers from Crémant d'Alsace AOC à votre santé!

French sparkling wine is not always Champagne. Though just as good. 

"...à votre santé!"

As promised, I have more wines to recommend for your seasonal celebratory gatherings. Today I am recommending two sparkling wines from France. They are not Champagne. They are Crémant d'Alsace made by the Albrecht family in Northeastern France.

The history of the Albrecht family as winegrower can be traced back to 1425 with Romanu Albrecht, who was settled in the town of Thann. During the fifteenth and sixteenth century in Thann, several generations of Albrecht were elected as Bangard vinegrowers. Lucien Albrecht pioneered Crémant production in 1971 and helped gain an Appellation Contrôlêe for the wine and for Alsace. The wines are vinified in the classic Champagne Method.

Toast the season and share the history of Crémant d'Alsace with bottles of crisp, sparkling Lucien Albrecht. Share your appreciation with friends and welcome the new year in style with French bubbles - à votre santé!

1. Lucien Albrecht Crémant d'Alsace Brut

Note: Hand picked fruit with 100% of the production of this Crémant produced in house by “méthode traditionnelle” which is the true Champagne method.  The full grapes are pressed in a bladder press.  After the second fermentation in the bottle, lee ageing lasts for 18-20 months, followed by remuage and disgorging.   

Color: Straw, green highlights.
Nose: Crisp mineral, apple, pear, spice, white flowers. Inviting.
Palate: Delicate crisp bubbles, tart apple, mineral, honeyed toast, ginger, touch of hazelnut, focus to middle-back. Big like.

Thoughts: Impress your friends with a delicious sparkling wine from France. Tell them it's not Champagne, it's a stylish Crémant d'Alsace. Wonderful alone and paired with food.
Recommended + Value.

Blend: 50% Pinot Blanc, 25% Pinot Gris, 25% Riesling
ABV 12%
SRP: $21.99
Sample provided by Pasternak Wine Imports

2. Lucien Albrecht Crémant d'Alsace Brut Rose'

Note: 100% Pinot Noir free-run juice. Whole cluster hand picked grapes are softly pressed in a pneumatic press, hence the light pink color.  Made using the same methods as in Champagne, i.e “methode traditionnelle”. After the second fermentation in the bottle, lee ageing lasts for 14-16 months, followed by remuage and disgorging.

Color: Elegant, pretty, pale coral pink.
Nose: Inviting, lightly spiced strawberry, orange with mineral.
Palate: Clean, crisp, round, mouth filling, elegant fine bubbles, strawberry, orange cream, honey, bright clean finish, touch of yeast, focus to middle. Like.

Thoughts: Bottle and wine presented well. Added a touch of class to dinner. Love the color of this French sparkler. Racy acidity kept it lively until the bottle emptied. Perfect holiday wine.
Recommended + Pretty.

Varieties: 100% Pinot Noir
ABV: 12%
SRP: $21.99
Sample provided by Pasternak Wine Imports

Lucien Albrecht
 9, Grand'rue • 68500 Orschwihr-France •
Tel. +33 3 89 76 95 18 • Fax +33 3 89 76 20 22


Crémant d'Alsace is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée for sparkling wines made in the Alsace wine region of Northeast France. Produced since 1900, the Crémant d'Alsace AOC was recognized in 1976 by the INAO and the designation Crémant regulated by the European Parliament in 1996. Allowed varieties are limited to riesling, pinot blanc, pinot noir, pinot gris, auxerrois blanc and chardonnay. For rosé wines, only pinot noir is allowed.

Sparkling wines are best served chilled, between 40°F and 45°F. Warm bubbles are no fun.


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