Taste the Reason - Archery Summit 2013 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir


A wonderful wine for elevating your holiday celebrations and meals.

I distinctly remember my Pinot Noir "ah ha!" moment in April 2012. That particular wine epiphany led to a new appreciation and understanding of the Pinot Noir variety. Washington grape growers cultivate many, many premium grape varieties - Pinot Noir is not one of them.

“There's a reason people drink Oregon Pinot Noir.”

By embracing a world of wine outside of Washington, I finally gained an appreciation for one of the most sought after wines - Pinot Noir, especially Oregon Pinot Noir. Oregon produces truly stunning Pinot Noir. The Archery Summit 2013 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir is one of those wonderful wines from Oregon for elevating your holiday celebrations and meals. Strongly Recommended.

Tasting Notes

Color: Pale, clear ruby.
Nose: Earthy strawberry and raspberry skin, orange peel, floral.
Palate: Juicy strawberry/raspberry, orange pith, focused to middle, tingly edged, tasty medium-light finish. Like.

After 15 Minutes: Sour strawberry/cherry, light spice on the nose. Sour cherry, strawberry, light spice, focus to the front, pleasant medium finish with hint of candy.

After 30 Minutes: Earthy strawberry, sour cherry, fresh sage on the nose. Consistent palate of strawberry and sour cherry, good mouth feel, oak more present, crème brule with dry red fruit on the finish, which is where it showed off, lovely, lovely elegant finish. Like. Had to exercise restraint.

After One Hour: Focused nose and palate. Aroma and flavor consistent. Balanced and tasty. Like.

*Decanted One Hour: Polished, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious. Broader and more expressive across the palate decanted, it was focused, dry, tasty, with finely textured tannin, and a medium-long red berry finish. Zoom! Happy mouth.

Day Two: Medium-light on the palate, fine tannin, delicate earthiness, tart raspberry, pie cherries, orange pith on a fresh, dry finish. More tartness on day two.


Thoughts: Tasty at open and even better decanted for an hour. There's a reason people drink Oregon Pinot Noir. Taste the reason. Still evolving in bottle, drink now or hold. Pair with turkey, ham and game bird. Or just sit back with friends and drink.
Strongly Recommended.

Vineyard: 100% Red Hills Estate
Closure: Natural Cork
ABV: 13%
Winemaker: Chris Mazepink
SRP: $85
Sample provided by winery

Archery Summit
18599 NE Archery Summit Rd
Dayton, Oregon 97114

Visit Archery Summit

The next time you are in Oregon and the Willamette Valley, visit Archery Summit and explore a selection of current releases on a Signature Tasting flight. For a more in depth and educational experience, private tours of their gravity flow winery and barrel caves as well as a variety of private tastings offer the opportunity to experience an extended flight of exclusive and limited production wines. Tours and private tastings are available by prior appointment.

For me, the appreciation of Pinot Noir was no simple thing. My heavy bias towards Washington wines almost caused a physical confrontation in the summer of 2008. I thought I was standing my ground and promoting Washington wines. The gentleman from Alaska was doing the same for Oregon Pinot Noir. Neither of us willing to budge. I even used the phrase, "one trick pony." That did not go over well. When I came to my senses, I walked away.

Thankfully, today I have a deep appreciation for Pinot Noir, its subtlety, elegance, and worthiness alone or with food. In 2012 I spent five wonderful days in Oregon wine country on a "Wine Country Discovery Tour". There are not enough words for me to express how affected I was by my experience in Oregon. Oregon winemakers are creating and expressing true wine passion. You can tell by the exquisite wines they are making.


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