ANEW Riesling 2012 a Project by Wendy Stuckey and Chateau Ste. Michelle


Zippy Washington Riesling Discovery 

How do you choose a bottle of wine? I hope you use this blog to find a bottle or two to purchase and enjoy at home. Myself, I rely on wineries reaching out to me, invites to taste, samples to try and review at home, twitter wine tastings, wine festivals and events and the occasional media visit in wine country. But what about local wine stewards? Do I trust them and their recommendations?

This week I stopped by Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits in Richland, Washington. I have mentioned before, I have a terrible time selecting a bottle of wine. There are so many, many possible choices. Some of the bottles represent people and winemakers I've met, tasting rooms and personal experiences. Other bottles are international temptations, mysteries awaiting discovery. I wandered the store and looked at every bottle of wine they had on display. Then went back to where I started. Undecided still.

Perhaps I'm a bit jaded when it comes to expected service. I am. So I was surprised that I was approached by Delia Armendariz, Wine Steward of Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits. She asked if she could help me choose a wine. Then she made some suggestions about wines I should try which were on sale. We had an intelligent, friendly and agreeable conversation about wine. Amazing, actual customer service by a knowledgeable store representative!

That's why today I am reviewing the 2012 ANEW Riesling. Because Delia recommended it and it was a very good recommendation. If you are in the Tri-City area and shopping for wine, stop by Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits and ask for Dellia. They are at 1711 George Washington Way, Suite 399, Richland, Washington 99352, 509-371-1002. Thank you Delia!

ANEW 2012 Tasting Notes:

Color: Straw green highlights.
Nose: Hmmm...smell of a New York Riesling. Strong petrol/mineral, stone fruit, peach, pear, vanilla taffy. Yow! Unexpectedly aggressive. Maybe a nod to the Mosel too.
Palate: Racy, acid driven, felt it pealing some of the skin off the roof of my mouth. Apple with peachy pear, suspect some sugar is hiding behind the acid. Zing! Tingly finish with creamy orange. Big like.

Day two: Sharp mineral, slate, hard peach, lychee on nose. Not as sharp as day one, acid in back of throat, pleasantly viscous, creamy peach, with mandarin orange, gentle tingle on the teeth, fruity feminine finish with peach and orange. My speed, perfect for sipping on the patio and pairing with Asian dishes and cheese plates.

Thoughts: Pair with cheese, fresh fruit and nuts. Match with fatty or acidic foods. This wine was impressive! For me, this wine could have been straight from the Finger Lakes Region of New York wine country. I was impressed. Strongly Recommended!

AVA: Columbia Valley, Horse Heaven Hills, Wahluke Slope, Yakima Valley
Blend: 88% Riesling, 10% Gewurztraminer, 2% Muscat Canelli
ABV: 11.5%
RS: 2.44% or 2.44 g/100 ml (Medium Sweet)
Closure: Screw cap
SRP: $12
Paid: $4.95

Anew Winery
Patterson, Washington


This is a special wine project by Wendy Stuckey and Chateau Ste. Michelle. We interviewed Wendy last year on our Wine Muse Podcast. Chateau Ste. Michelle makes a lot of Riesling. They are the worlds single largest producer of Riesling at over 800,000 cases annually. That is a lot of Riesling. When you look at the special shape of this bottle and the logo on the bottle, it seems apparent that this wine was designed for a specific demographic. Women.

"A refreshing wine for those seeking BALANCE in their life." Anew Tagline.

I tend to ignore marketing hype and fancy, unusual labels. Walking past this bottle of wine at the store, I would have ignored it, I have ignored it. Not designed for me. Thankfully, I was approached by a wine steward and she handed me a bottle to try. Thank you! This was an impressive bottle of Riesling. A style of Riesling I don't associate with Washington State! My first thoughts were that it was a Finger Lakes Riesling. I'm a huge fan of Riesling from Finger Lakes, NY. This wine impressed me. I encourage you to look for this wine. Even if you don't care for the packaging, it is what's inside that counts. And if you paid attention, it was on sale too.


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