Wine of the Week! Silvan Ridge 2011 Malbec Rogue Valley, Oregon, Single Vineyard @SilvanRidgeWine


My first Oregon Malbec. Loved it!

This is the first-ever LIVE Certified wine from Silvan Ridge Winery. Their 2011 Malbec, sourced exclusively from Gold Vineyards in Talent, Oregon. LIVE stands for "Low Input Viticulture & Enology" and refers to the practice of reducing the amount of raw materials (inputs such as pesticides, fertilizer, water, chemicals, fuel, etc.) used in vineyard and winery production.

Silvan Ridge Winery was founded in the southern Willamette Valley near Eugene, Oregon in 1979, They are best known for their Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, and an effervescent Early Muscat. Hello Malbec.

"Yaba Daba Doo!"

This Oregon Malbec impressed. I encourage you find this wine and enjoy it with your best friends. Add Silvan Ridge Winery to my list, and yours, of must visit Oregon wineries. Well done. Definitely a Wine of the Week! Need to find more of this wine.

Tasting Notes Silvan Ridge Winery 2011 Malbec:

Nose: Soft, with earth, cherry and orange floor.
Color: Clear, bright garnet.
Palate: Delicious. Friendly greeting, cheerful, fresh entry and mid-palate, cherry, bright chocolate, orange zest, fine tannin wrap around, friendly tingle on the inner lips. Big like.
At 20 minutes: Nose present with some funk and espresso. Focused to the front, fluid dark fruit, leathery tannin, cola, coffee, a little light mid-palate, nice grip on inner gums, finish was fresh and lip smacker. Big like.
At 30 minutes: Yaba Daba Doo! Cool nose, not a beast, kind of subtle, but layered and compelling: dark earthy funky  violets, spicy, black pepper, cherry, hit of bayleaf followed by rose petal perfume. Nose stuck in glass for 9 minutes. The taste: Ooh..lovely rush across the tongue, dark fruit, tar/licorice, still relatively light mid-palate, but a lot of flavor focused at front, dry with black cherry and spice on the finish.
At one hour: Expressive, balanced, dark cherry, blackberry, dark notes, leathery, round mid-palate with cherry, some bitter herbs on the medium finish, ready to drink. Big Like.

Day two: Hello spicy dark cherry, enticing deep background to the nose, into earthy blueberry espresso. Tasty, blueberry, espresso, cherry notes, dark chocolate edged, fluid, fine tannin coated the tongue, bright back palate, almost candied cherry and cranberry on the finish. Came together well. Very enjoyable, medium-light body was delightful, hit my sweet spot. Well done.

*Note: Successfully paired with sauteed green beans (salt, pepper, olive oil, added garlic and French thyme to finish) and a Greek salad (lettuce, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, olive oil and sprouts). If you are looking for a red wine that works with greens, you have found it. Great match.


Thoughts: My first Oregon Malbec. Impressive. Pair with rare red meat, green leafy vegetables or just drink and enjoy. Strongly Recommended + Wine of the Week + Great Value.

Blend: 100% Malbec
AVA: Rogue Valley
ABV: 14.5%
Closure: Natural Cork
SRP: $20

Silvan Ridge Winery 
27012 Briggs Hill Road
Eugene, Oregon 97405
541) 345-1945 or (866) 5-SILVAN

About Silvan Ridge Winery

Winemaker Juan Pablo Valot has worked for Silvan Ridge Winery for the last seven years and became the Winemaker in August 2012. Juan Pablo “JP” was born in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is the most known Argentina’s wine country.  JP completed a five years degree in agricultural sciences, with a focus in enology and viticulture at the National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. After graduation JP worked as an oenologist for Esmeralda, one of the Catena wineries.

Before working for Silvan Ridge, Juan Pablo worked for Willamette Valley Vineyards, Soter Vineyards, and Dobbes Family Estate. JP’s qualifications include 12 years of experience in winemaking with 15 vintages between his work in Oregon and Argentina.


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