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Senses Seduced. 

It was my pleasure to accept an invitation to review the new perfumes of Fragrances of WineFragrances of Wine is a line of custom perfumes based on the scents found in white, rose', red and sparkling wines. Perfume and wine are certainly two subjects I appreciate.

This is my first perfume review on this blog, but not the first time I have mentioned my appreciation for perfume (Garrison Creek Cellars 14 June 2010). In 2009 I became quite fond of Arab Perfume while living in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Coming to My Senses 8 December 2009). 

Perfume/Eau de parfum is one of the UAE’s key industries – outside of oil, gas and dates. Their perfume manufacturing industry is largely centered in Dubai. A wealth of perfume shops with brands like YAS and Ajmal, among many others, can be found in the malls and shops of Abu Dhabi. Before I lived in the UAE I’d be pressed to say I truly appreciated cologne or perfume. In 2009 it became a new passion. 

The sense of smell is a basic, primal sense, it’s key to survival, attraction and socialization. My broad generalization is, “every culture has its own distinct smell”. These perfumes were crafted by wine expert Amy Mumma and master perfumer Richard Asfour, each Fragrance is made in Provence, France with the intent of expressing the fragrance of wine via perfume. 

"In each scent a story...What is your story?"

Prior to moving to France, Amy founded the Central Washington University Global Wine Studies degree.  Upon arriving in France, Amy was surrounded by the essence of Provence, the multitude of flowers, lavender fields, sparkling sea and wonderful wines.  To share this passion, Amy teamed up with Richard Asfour, a Master Perfumer to create Fragrances of Wine

The following fragrances were crafted for women. Each perfume is uniquely expressed and intended for a variety of occasions, temperaments and tastes. Using my wine sensory skill of smell, I have attempted to share my thoughts, impressions and visualizations inspired by each fragrance. The images I have created for each review were inspired by the perfume.

Sensory Notes + Inspired Images
  • Blanc ~

Notes: Amber in background, floral, orange, at first I thought it was for someone young, then I felt it was suitable for someone mature, pretty fragrance, self-assured, a white sun dress, playful afternoon in spring sunshine, beige camisole, barefoot, sexy smile.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this perfume. It brought back memories too personal to share. A glass of white wine and some memory tripping.
  • Rose de Provence ~

Notes: Sweet, candied, rose, jasmine, young fragrance, exotic, cinnamon, yoga, meditation, dance, Tango, laughter. 

Thoughts: Enticing perfume which expressed "youth" and "dance" for me. One of the ladies in the office also enjoyed this perfume. I can easily see the woman wearing this perfume on the dance floor or at home with a glass of chilled rose'.
  • Noir ~

Notes: Round, red fruit, berry, grape, candy, youthful, flirt, yoga pants, kayaking, first date.

Thoughts: Appropriate for a young woman or young at heart. A casual and carefree fragrance. Would you pour red wine on a first date? I think I may have done so a time or two, I'll leave out the juicy details.
  • Sparkle ~

NotesClassy, romantic, slinky black dress, floral, nape of neck, intimate undertone, sachet, city at night, spicy, passion. 

Thoughts: This was my favorite perfume of the four. I surveyed two women at work. They also liked this perfume. Sparkling wine and Champagne inspired evening.

I encourage you to consider the Fragrances of Wine perfumes. Either for yourself, or as a gift for someone special. You'll find some scents instantly easy to understand and appreciate. The more you experience, the more likely you are to find your senses seduced and you may even answer unasked questions of your own. Enjoy.

About Amy Mumma

Amy Mumma, founder and President of Fragrances of Wine has been working in the wine industry for over a decade.  She was awarded the Professional Wine Woman 2005-2006 at the International Wine Woman Awards in Paris, France, named Western Innovator by the Capital Press and commended by Representative Doc Hastings in the U.S. Congressional Record for service and vision in the wine industry.  

Fragrances of Wine
Aix-en-Provence, France
Purchase perfumes direct.
Perfumes are $50 each.
A perfume sampler is available (4 x 1.5ml): $20 (shipping included)

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