Wine Review: Salanques 2009 Mas Doix - Priorat

I enjoyed this bottle of wine earlier in the year. At the time I was transitioning to RAW image format on my digital camera. I was shooting RAW without .JPG. Finding photos, I have many, without .JPG thumbnails is almost impossible. Now I shoot RAW with .JPG and that makes it much easier to find photos. Today I made an effort to hunt the "orphaned" RAW files for images of the Salanques Mas Doix. Success! My review may be several months late, but this is a wine worthy of finding.

Note: I like the look of the label. Very cool and presents well. This is my first exposure to Priorat wines. Priorat is a Catalan Denominació d'Origen Qualificada (DOQ) in Catalan for wines produced in the Priorat county to the south-west of Catalonia. There are 50 + wineries in the region which is near Barcelona, Spain. I want to visit.

Tasting notes Salanques 2009 Mas Doix - Priorat:

Color: Clear ruby.
Nose: Dark chocolate, cranberry, wood cutting board, Jasmine perfume, incense, empty cup of coffee.
Palate: Smooth, friendly tannin front of palate with pleasing texture, almost tart on the finish. Cherry and cranberry most obvious at opening. Enjoyable medium bodied wine and perfect for lunch or dinner featuring red meat dishes. I would not have guessed 15% alcohol.

After 30 minutes: The Salanques was more fluid and satisfying mid-palate with fine tannin. It seemed slightly more sophisticated, cherry flesh stood out, some blackberry and hint of dark chocolate and black tea. This wine stimulated my appetite as I began to crave lamb chops. A grilled rib-eye would have made me happy too.

Next day: This wine has some age potential. A modest nose, but quite lovely on the finish, supple with an almost viscous quality I found endearing. Flavor spot on too, sage, mint stem, dark fruit with spiced plum and blueberry compote down the middle. Modest tannin, appropriate acid kept it together. Medium long finish.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this wine. Suitable for the table at opening and only improved with time. Not in your face, very food friendly. I had a suitable snack of white cheddar with truffle, whole grain crackers and Marcona almonds. The wine matched wonderfully with the fat of the cheese and almonds. I'd keep the menu simple with fatty meats. Avoid spicy, tomato based dishes. Recommended.

Region: Priorat D.O. Qualificada
Country: Catalan/Spain
Blend: 65% Grenache, 25% Carignan, 10 % Syrah
ABV: 15%
Closure: Natural Cork
Gift from my sister-in-law
Online prices: $30 - $36

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