db gallery & Studio Textures in Kiln Class

Artist Deborah Barnard working in her studio.

Working with fused glass.

I've indirectly worked with glass for many years, but in the medium of pottery and glazes. You may have noticed some of the ceramic plates and bowls in my wine photos, most of them were made by me. But I've never worked with fused glass until last week. Pottery and fused glass have some common elements; frits, kilns and that mellifluous interaction of artistic intent with reactive chemicals and heat.

October 2006 display at Barnard Griffin Winery.

My first exposure to the glass art of Deborah Barnard was when she began selling her fused glass plates and platters at Barnard Griffin Winery. She and her husband Rob Griffin are Barnard Griffin Winery. Working at the winery, I had the opportunity to enjoy conversations with Deborah about art, design and the medium of glass. She encouraged me to expand my artistic skills and try working with glass. Six years later, I finally have.

Deborah Barnard in her studio classroom.

Last week I was invited to attend my first glass fusing class at db gallery & studio in Richland, Washington. I was invited to this class by Deborah Barnard. It was a fun and challenging experience to work with glass. It takes a steady hand, thought and care when cutting and arranging glass. It's a liberating and expressive art form.

My glass project:

Working out my design.
Almost ready for the glass kiln.
Finished plates ready to go home.
Deborah Barnard began working with stained glass in college. In 2004 she returned to glass; this time working with heat, kilns and torches. She opened a fused glass studio at Barnard Griffin Winery in 2007.

Interior classroom and retail space.

In 2012 a new glass studio was constructed at the winery, db gallery & studio with a roomy classroom and enlarged retail space. Classes in fused glass are taught at the winery. Deborah's been a Bullseye Resource Center selling Bullseye sheet glass since 2008.

Winery patio next to db Gallery & Studio.

Barnard Griffin is the only winery in the United States that contains a studio artisan producing works of fused glass. Artist Deborah Barnard is co-owner of the winery. Glass works are on display and available for sale in the db Gallery located in the tasting room. Discover one-of-a-kind treasures for sale in the Gallery including trays, bowls and plates crafted for display, special occasions and everyday use.

db studio entrance and wine patio.

I'd like to thank Deborah Barnard for inviting me to attend her beginning glass class. It was a fun and rewarding experience. I encourage you to visit the db gallery & studio at Barnard Griffin Winery. Washington wine country is not just about the wine, it's also about art and new experiences. The db gallery & studio Summer 2013 class schedule is below.

“...have no fear but have a good understanding of possible outcomes.”
- Deborah Barnard

db gallery & studio
878 Tulip Lane
Richland, WA 99352
Gallery: Open daily 10am to 5pm.

Summer 2013 Class Schedule:

First Glass Fusing Class May 15 or June 12
– Beginners. Students will complete one 8x8 sushi plate.
Second Glass Fusing Class May 29, 30 & 31 or July 15, 16 & 17
– Student will complete two projects.
Pattern Bar Two July 9, 10 &12
– Create one pixel bar and one free flowing pattern bar. Wet saw and cold work.
Designing and Using Part Sheets May 18 & 19
– Frits, confettis and stringers to create three part sheets.
Painting With Light
– Create 2 to 3 layers with frits, powders and confettis to become 12 mm piece.
Pocket Vases June 17
– Kiln-carved vase.
Reactions June 4 & 5
- Create special effects with glass.
Free Range Randomized Strip Construction Project June 7 & 10
– Design a platter using all the techniques learned.
Textures in the Kiln June 25 - 27
Kid's Coasters May 4 & 5
– Create 4x4 coaster with glass pieces.

* Open Studio: Schedule with db Gallery.

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