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Product Review: Angle 33 Wine Thermal

Keeping cool while looking cool.

This is my first wine related product evaluation. I was contacted by Matt Baack of Angle 33 and asked to review his Angle 33 Concrete Wine Thermal.

Yes, this product is made out of concrete.

Matt Baack started in concrete 14 years ago, in the flatwork industry. He owns and operates Stamping Ground Studios in Missoula, Montana. He specializes in decorative concrete counter tops, concrete furniture and stained concrete floors. Matt is constantly looking for new ways to use the medium of concrete.

One of his goals is to provide Missoula, Montana with "...proof that we still can and should foster manufacturing here, in the United States." One of the results of his efforts is the Angle 33 Concrete Wine Thermal; which he refers to as the "perfect wine house."

One of the reasons I agreed to evaluate this wine thermal is I like how it looks. It has clean lines with an architectural aspect. It looks like a sculpture and presents a bottle of wine well.

There is a bit of weight to this polished concrete wine thermal; the surface is smooth and attractive. I use two hands when I move it, to avoid dropping it and damaging toes or pets. There is a cork bottom on the wine thermal to protect tables and counter tops.

These U.S. made wine thermals are available in a variety of colors, Mineral, Plum, Pepper, Butter and Tobacco. The sample I received is "Pepper." It has a corkscrew graphic on one side in the lower corner. Wine thermals can be customized with company logos for an additional charge.

How does it perform?

The primary use for a wine thermal is to keep your bottle of wine at a desired temperature. I tested the Angle 33 wine thermal performance over the period of an hour. I compared it to a bottle of wine not in the thermal. For each of the three tests a bottle of white wine was used. The wine was removed directly from a refrigerator after 24 hours of chilling.

For the first wine thermal test, I placed the Angle 33 thermal in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before using it.

For the second wine thermal test, I put the wine thermal in a plastic bag to protect it and then placed it in a freezer for 30 minutes before using it.

chart: Angle 33 Wine Thermal Evaluation.
As you can see in the chart above, the Angle 33 wine thermal did keep the bottle of wine cooler (blue and yellow lines). The colder the wine thermal (blue line), the longer it kept the bottle of wine cool. I assume that if the Angle 33 wine thermal was in a refrigerator or freezer longer than 30 minutes, it would be colder and would likely provide even more cooling to a bottle of wine. When I removed the Angle 33 wine thermal from the freezer it felt cool, not cold.


Recommended uses.
  • Obviously, to help keep white wines cool.
  • Help keep your red wines cool too. I don't drink warm red wine.
  • I would love to have a wall of these wine thermals in a basement wine cellar. Not only would it look cool, it would be an efficient method of maintaining proper temperature as a thermal wall. 
  • Wineries: Show off your style with these thermals.
  • Wineries: A stack of these wine thermals could be an interesting way to display and protect wine. Take advantage of the color options to create an attractive design customers would not forget.
  • Restaurants: They look great on the table while protecting wine from heat. Make it a part of your presentation and service.
  • Gifting: These would make great gifts. Even better with some wine.

Any negatives?

Only one. The wine thermal I received will not hold Burgundy bottles; the larger size used for Pinot Noir and Champagne. The standard Angle 33 wine thermal is fine for standard 750 ml Bordeaux bottles.

*Note: Checking the Angle 33 website, I see that they also offer wine thermals in Pinot and Champagne sizes. The Champagne size costs a little more at $69.99. Thermals are sized to fit bottles to maintain proper temperature.

At home I'm using this wine thermal three ways.

1. White wine: For those just out of the fridge wines - I know how long it takes for a bottle of wine to reach optimal temperature in the Angle 33 thermal. Out of the fridge into the thermal.

2. Red wine: When a bottle of wine is in the thermal, the wine and thermal will exchange heat until they reach equilibrium. I use the thermal to gently cool down a bottle of room temperature wine. I also use the thermal to keep a bottle of red wine from becoming too hot in a too warm room.

3. Styling: I like the way the thermal looks and the way a bottle of wine presents from the thermal. It can be used as a centerpiece with meals and photographs well too.

Angle 33 Premium Concrete Wine Thermal - Standard Size
Price: $64.99
Weight 7 Lbs.
Sample provided by Angle 33

Angle 33
Missoula, Montana
Phone: 406.544.0414

Matt Baack says he lives and works in Missoula, Montana, not because it’s the manufacturing capital of the world or because there are great opportunities to “make it big,” but because:
He wants to raise his children there; the unmatched sense of community; and the number of fly-fishing opportunities is unrivaled. There you go.

Matt, thank you for allowing me to learn about your Concrete Wine Thermal. It's getting good use.



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