May is Oregon Wine Month

May is Oregon Wine Month a perfect time for you to get out and explore!

Many Oregon restaurants support Oregon wine. Some are the restaurants who supported Vintage Oregon 2013 while others have received the  Superior Cellar Awards, a joint effort between the  Oregon Wine Press and the Oregon Wine Board. Superior Cellars provides consumer guidance on restaurants that feature diverse and broad selections of Oregon wines on their wine lists.
For a list of Oregon Wine Month Events and a list of retailers offering Oregon Wine Month savings - visit the Oregon Wine website.

Last year, I had the honor of tasting an impressive array of Oregon wines. Naturally Pinot Noir featured prominently. It was a glorious experience. Never have I enjoyed such a range of styles. Oregon Pinot Noir can be light, delicate, and sublime. It can also be unexpectedly wicked funky, like your favorite cousin. Oregon Pinot Noir can also blow you away with flavor and complexity. I was shocked to taste Pinot Noir as big and as rich as a robust Cabernet Sauvignon. Really.



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