Day Two: Gone Walking

2013 Vancouver International Wine Festival.

After an enjoyable interview with Sandra O'Connell, I went for a walk. Tuesday was the only day I had no Wine Festival activities scheduled. My morning interview accomplished, the afternoon interview not until 5:00 pm, I had time to explore Vancouver. Friday night I would need to be in Chinatown for another interview at the Keefer Bar. So I thought, why not walk to the Keefer Bar during the day to see where it was?

photo: Media Club - Live Music Lounge.

photo: Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
With a light rain falling, my first destination on my walk was the Media Club on Cambie Street. I had tickets for the Wednesday night show featuring “Deep Sea Diver” and “Hey Marseilles” both Indie bands. (I ended up missing the show, but I didn't know that Tuesday.)

The Media Club
695 Cambie Street at Georgia
Vancouver, BC
The Media Club is across the street from CBC Radio Canada, behind Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Tickets are reasonably priced (I only paid $10 dude!) and it's a good venue for live music.

Albums by Deep Sea Diver and Hey Marseilles

After reaching the Media Club, I headed to Chinatown and the Keefer Bar.

photo: BC Stadium visible in the background.
photo: Andy Livingstone Park.
You can see Rogers Arena in the background.

My next stop was Andy Livingstone Park.

photo: Andy Livingstone Park.

Andy Livingstone Park
City parks are assets in any city. This park has several lovely water features. Livingstone Park is bordered by Keefer Street, Expo Boulevard and Carrall Street. Named for former Park Commissioner Andy Livingstone who served his city from 1969 – 1988. The park was officially opened in June 1995 and was paid for through community amenity contributions from developer Concord Pacific Inc.

photo: Keefer Street and Columbia.
photo: The Keefer a Vancouver Heritage Building.

My walk finally took me to Chinatown, I made it as far as the Keefer Bar. It's located at ground level in the building at right. The Keefer is a City of Vancouver Heritage Building. I'll have more details on the Keefer when I write about my Friday night interview.  Now that I knew where the Keefer Bar was I could head back the way I came. My post about Friday night will include an interview at the Keefer.

photo: Some of the many weekly activities at the Keefer Bar.

The Keefer Bar 135 Keefer Street - Vancouver Chinatown

On my walk back to the hotel – I stopped at the International Village Mall.

photo: Piranha Games offices are on the second floor of
the International Village Mall.
International Village Mall
88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
Piranha Games dispaly.
  • J.Neilas & Sons Jewellers
    The very cool jewelry at J.Neilas & Sons Jewellers caught my eye. I could not help window shopping. Wish I had asked permission to take pictures to share with you. They do custom jewelry design and feature a lot of jewelry by local artists. Worth checking out.
  • Piranha Games Inc.
    I explored upstairs and found the offices of Piranha Games Inc.  Their hot game is Mechwarrior Online. MechWarrior online is a multi-player game – in Open Beta and free to play. Their portfolio includes: Need for Speed Shift (XBOX 360) and Need for Speed Undercover (PSP). They told me that they are hiring.
  • There's also a multi-plex theatre at this Mall.

T&T Supermarket
179 Keefer Place
Vancouver, BC

By now it was really raining. Thankfully I brought my umbrella. I had passed a supermarket on my walk to Chinatown. Wanting to get out of the rain, and feeling a bit hungry, I decided to pick up some items to cook for dinner. Luckily, the T&T supermarket was not far.

The T&T had a fresh looking selection of seafood. So I picked seafood for dinner. I purchased 200 grams of whole prawns, (with heads) some ginger and green onion. The Chinese pastries were tempting, but I managed to resist. Groceries in one hand, umbrella in the other, I started my walk back to the hotel. By this time my dogs were barking. The walk back to the hotel took longer than expected.

photo: Tuesday Lunch.

Hungry after my walk and not prepared to deal with cleaning a batch of shrimp, I made a lunch of Blasted Church Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, flat-bread and sausage. With a 5:00 pm interview scheduled, I kicked off my shoes and crashed for an hour.

Next...interview with Big John Bates and Brandy Bones Bates of the band Big John Bates. (funny, their music is playing on my headphones just now – I have it on shuffle play - “Crankenstein”.)


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