Reviews: Lupine Vineyards "Vibrant" Viognier and "Whisper" Viognier

Two white wines by winemaker Robert Anderson.

I like the look of the Lupine Vineyards label. It's clean, easy to read, adorned with an image of the Lupine wild flower. Lupines are one of my favorite Eastern Washington wild flowers. In the Columbia Valley you can see them blooming in the desert, usually next to sagebrush and tumbleweed in the month of May. I need to get out and take some photos this year.

About the winemaker: “Robert Anderson is a biologist and winemaker... As Operations Manager at the Seattle Aquarium, his experience in pumps and pipes, process control and chemistry serve him well...” Lupine Vineyards was established in 2010. It is located north of Lake Chelan, Washington.

photo: Lupine Vineyards "Vibrant" Viognier.

Lupine Vineyards “Vibrant” Viognier

Straw yellow color. My first impression on the nose was dry tumbleweed, yielding to nectarine, lychee, white pepper with a floral flourish. On the palate it had good mouth feel, flavor of almost ripe nectarine, bright in the back palate, almost tart mid-palate, with minerality, honey and nectarine on the finish. This wine reminded me of summer.

It paired well with ham, Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese. I'm thinking cheese fondue and ham quiche would be a great pairing for this wine. It was definitely on the tart side. Today this wine will be best enjoyed with food. Take a little summer home with you when you purchase a bottle of Lupine Vineyards “Vibrant” Viognier. Recommended.

ABV 13.5%
Sample provided by the winery
Produced and bottled by Lupine Vineyards, Manson, Washington

photo: Lupine Vineyards "Whisper" Viognier.

Lupine Vineyards 2011 “Whisper” Viognier

Day 1: Green gold color, with peach and honey on the nose into the palate. Good mouth feel, round. The honey finish had a touch of tangerine rind. It said “hello” on the back palate.

Day 3: Toasty nose. Flavors of pear, luscious pear, good mouth feel, crisp on the middle of the tongue, with pear and honey on the finish, nice texture as the flavors lingered. This wine was lovely on day three; an easy drinker with a medium long finish that kept on giving. Drink now or hold for a few more years.  Recommended.

Food pairing: I think fresh baked bread, olive oil for dipping, almonds and some Brie or mild Goat cheese would be good companions for this wine.

ABV 13.1%
Natural cork, long, difficult to remove
Columbia Valley AVA
Sample provided by the winery
Produced and bottled by Lupine Vineyards, Manson, Washington

Lupine Vineyards
600 Cascade View Dr.
Manson, WA 98831
Tasting by appointment.

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Phone: 206-915-5862

*FYI: "Velvet lupine may be found on dry, open range land or grasslands from the lowlands and foothills to moderate elevations in the mountains. Velvet lupine may be found east of the Cascade Mts. from central and eastern Washington and Oregon eastward to Montana, northwestern Wyoming, Idaho and western Nevada. In the Columbia River Gorge it may be found between the elevations of 100'-3000' from about the Klickitat River and Rowena in the west and eastward towards Roosevelt, WA and Arlington, OR."
Source: The Lupine of the Columbia River Gorge in Flora and Fauna Northwest


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